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  1. I should add that I do frequently wash my hands, there is no substitute for it. And this is not a recommendation for either product.
  2. I have both Zylast and Germstar but am sticking to the Zylast for the 6 hour persistance. I think Zylast at one time was able to advertise effectiveness against Noro but the CDC made them stop because noro can't be cultivated in a petrie dish to actually test it. I seem to recall the studies that were done were on a similar virus. I could be wrong, this memory is from over a year ago.
  3. yoyosma

    2020 Elite booking?

    I'm just wondering if we will be able to book on the 6th online or will we have to book with a PVP or our travel agents. I really want to look at prices before I have to decide which cabin category I want and I don't want to have to take a lot of time with a vacation planner or my TA as I am sure they will both be very busy with others waiting. I didn't get the email either but my travel agent spent a lot of energy letting her clients know about it. I did notice that someone posted the email for the World Cruise and a few other cruises earlier this year said that Princess would send out another email with a special URL to book online. Anyone know if that actually happened?
  4. yoyosma

    Europe 2020

    I had noticed that as well and would like to know. I wonder if there is a dry dock planned before it does a TA or other re-positioning cruise.
  5. yoyosma

    difficulties signing in

    It isn’t just you. I am having to sign in any time I do much of anything. For instance last night i submitted a post and immediately realized I spelt a name wrong. I tried to do an edit but that required me to sign in again. Once I did I could do the edit. Also anytime I open something in a new tab a new sign in is required, this was from last night too. Haven’t bothered to try today. Im still struggling with finding my subscribed content as well. I think they need to set up some online tutorials.
  6. Great review, it has been a very long time since I was on an NCL ship and probably won't go on one again but I was curious about the solo cabins myself. They do look cramped in the room layouts and photos I have seen. I can't figure out if they even have a closet. But I think I would like the entertainment but I would hate to make reservations for everything. Too much like Disney anymore.
  7. With Delta it is regular economy since you can also select your seat.
  8. It has been my experience that you need not purchase your ezair ticket with your Delta gold card to get your free bag. Our last cruise ended in December and we paid for the entire cruise with our Princess Visa which included ezair flights. We went home from Orlando too instead of Fort Lauderdale so we could visit family. Delta will know you have the AMEX card when you add your frequent flyer number to your booking. We usually still get pre-check too as long as we are booked and don't make changes too close to departure time. When did Delta stop the free bag going overseas? We had a business class ticket for our return from England after a transatlantic that we didn't take in April due to a move over offer we couldn't refuse. That flight included 2 free bags so I wasn't concerned at that time.
  9. Excellent review. Thank you for doing this.
  10. yoyosma

    Ruby Princess Alaska Cruise - June 16-23

    Thanks for the trip report, we are looking at doing the Ruby next May or June. It was very informative. Would love to see the patters and the menus if you can get them posted. It might be easier if you uploaded them to a photo site and share the link here. I do not even know what the popular sites are these days, maybe someone else can help with that.
  11. Hotel room key card, aarp card, aaa card, right size stiff cardboard (I have heard, no personal experience with cardboard) all work. Just take them out and put them in at an angle when leaving to conserve the energy.
  12. changed my mind about posting a ramble on a few things. it's late.
  13. My pre-cruise email from the captain was from Tony Draper, so am pretty sure you are correct. tv24, thank you for the details. I am sorry this had to happen and am sure it was a nightmare for you and all the other passengers. I'm glad you reached Paris safely. I am also sure this was a logistics nightmare for princess. Especially passenger services onboard. But it sounds like they could have handled it better.
  14. This was more than a port of call, Princess sold this as a 14 day Transatlantic ending in Le Harve and a 15 day Transatlantic ending in Southampton. The 14 day was actually more money than the 15 day, at least when I booked. They also sold an April 30 British Isles cruise beginning and ending in Le Harve. That may still mean they don't have any financial responsibility. I was actually wondering if they were assisting passengers finding transportation between to/from Le Harve, not necessarily paying for it. The op mentioned about 300 passengers wound up in Southampton instead of Le Harve, there must have been about the same number left behind in Le Harve.
  15. I was suppose to be on your cruise but I took the move over offer so am sitting at home. I did see, first on Marine Traffic, that the Royal skipped Le Harve. There have been only a few posts on the roll calls but not much info other than high winds and one couple who were suppose to disembark in LeHarve had to pay their own way to Paris. They didn't use EZ-air. I was wondering what sort of assistance Princess was providing for stranded passengers both in France and in UK.