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  1. I'm not sure if this will help you, but I had to change my password the other day because I had a percent sign in it. Had been that way for a while. When I logged in they treated me like a new account, not someone who has extensively cruised with Princess. I had to set up my account again. As soon as I did, voila, all my information was there. Maybe try resetting your password.
  2. Happy sailing, I'll be looking forward to reading your blog again!
  3. PS - the Kimberly I mentioned in my email is Kimberly Baldwin, her email is kbaldwin@princesscruises.com. I did a search of the princess forum for Kimberly and found it. Thanks to a post by Ombud.
  4. follow up with a call tomorrow. If the number Ombud had isn't the right number just call customer relations and ask for her. You definitely deserve better.
  5. I concur with contacting Kimberly if you can. I had excellent results with her. But I actually emailed csteinke@princesscruises.com first. The customer service people were all abuzz because I contacted a director directly. Excellent service after that. But maybe try Kimberly first.
  6. Cruisemapper isn't the only site showing multiple bookings at Princess Cays, Cruisetimetables does as well. I think I would ask Princess for clarification regarding this. It is especially important because Liberty is due to arrive at 8am and Sky is due to arrive at 9am. Won't be much left after Liberty lets all it's passengers off first. I do agree that this isn't likely to happen, it can get crowded enough with one of the big Princess ships in port.
  7. Sadly you have to be enrolled in the e-edition to look at it. And more sadly I get the e-edition of the Detroit news. One of these days I am going to switch. I have been to Whittier a number of times on turn-a-rounds. I enjoy it a lot. We have done the glacier tour a few times from there and also like just watching the goings on from our balcony on a lazy afternoon. Our last trip we were upgraded to a handicap balcony cabin last minute. We sat on our balcony watching a sea otter straight down in the water, an eagle in a tree across the way and even were privileged to see him poop. It was really funny. And all the trains coming and going. A great afternoon. And we are hopefully heading back in May next year.
  8. I read that article earlier, very interesting. I think I like it, if it works.
  9. That would be so cool and yes it is expensive but I don't care. Steve said to do it. I counted last night, if memory serves me right I have 9 cruises and 111 days currently booked. Would you bring the kids if you book? It might be time to take this off line and not highjack the thread.
  10. It would be great to sail with you again but .... I snagged the March 17, 2023 Hawaii,Samoa, Tahiti cruise. I had it booked once way back in 2011 with a bunch of friends some of whom you know - Andi and maybe a few others- but I just couldn't do it, mostly because I was going solo and I really didn't want to leave Steve and Yoyo that long. It is a bucket list for me so we are booked. We are booked on a lot of stuff. We are getting old and needing to take care of that bucket list. But good news, maybe. We are booked on Sapphire Princess May 2022 to Alaska and back from Vancouver and if the border is open it will hopefully go. I will no doubt want to stay at Pan Pacific for at least a night so there may be an opportunity to have some fun that night. I've been thinking about it.
  11. Wow, things are all over the place. I am pretty sure the bookings for Elite opened at 11amEDT or 11am PDT on Tuesday. I tried first at 8am EDT, then 9am EDT and 10am EDT and finally 11 AM EDT which allowed the booking. I got the cabin I wanted but the deposit due by Friday is $400 pp. By the way, each time I checked the itineraries were not available either until 11am EDT. I tried because information posted on here from someone I know said the tine was 8am, but did not specify the time zone.
  12. Looks like we will be shipmates as that is what I booked too.
  13. It's live, I got my cabin. It started at 11am EDT.
  14. Thank you, not sure how I missed it. I have all the spreadsheets, I just need to look better.
  15. I just read on Cruise Industry News that the 28-day round trip Tahiti cruises will be available too but I don't see them listed on any of the spread sheets. Since I cancelled my planned trip on the very first one of those cruises I have been hoping to be able to do one. Does anyone have any of the info for them such as dates? Dates with pricing would be even better. According to the article, the cruises are going to be on the Crown Princess. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24818-princess-cruises-announces-2022-2023-west-coast-program.html
  16. This article from March 28 Cruise Industry News tells of a different fate for the old Regal Princess. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24650-former-bitcoin-cruise-ship-sold-to-new-startup.html It still may be scrapped, but there is a chance it won't be and the bit about bitcoin was interesting as well. I was once booked on the original Regal Princess but had to cancel. I did sail on the old Crown Princess twice. I showed the picture from the article to my husband and he was pretty astounded. Not only did he remember the Crown, he felt it was a beautiful ship.
  17. I thought it might be of interest to report the differences between the cost one of my cruises booked under best.sale.ever yesterday and no sale at all today. the only difference I could see was the $29 specialty dinning with best.sale.ever. The prices were exactly the same. The perks were exactly the same except the specialty dining.
  18. Thanks all, I did book and turned it all over to my TA this afternoon. One of the 3 included a casino discount. The other 2 did not, doesn't matter, changing will be easy if something better comes along. I still wish for the old 3 for free sale. But that was usually in the fall if I remember correctly.
  19. I watched it last night. Pretty much as I remembered being reported and watching some vidoes posted by the passengers while it was going on. But I wasn't aware it was as bad as it was for the crew. Very sad for them.
  20. Anyone have any idea what the next Princess sale might be and when? The best.sale.ever sale is about to end and I'm trying to decide if I wait to book my next cruise or not. Actually 2 med cruises followed by a TA fall of 2022.
  21. Well here's what happened to me. I took a move over cruise a number of years ago when offered. The details were free cruise, club class or better, fully refundable OBC for cost of original cruise, protected air. And a long time to rebook because my dog was getting too old to leave with friends or at a kennel. We booked the move over for the Enchanted Princess as a med cruise in October of 2020. Along with another med cruise to celebrate my 70th birthday and the transatlantic following. All 3 cruises were cancelled and I didn't know what to do so I kept calling Princess for help and getting no where. The yield management person who originally handled my move over had been furloughed. I was assigned to a supervisor who never returned an email for phone call for 4 or 5 months. In desperation I finally emailed someone at director level at Princess who has since gone on to bigger things at corporate. Not surprisingly people couldn't help me enough then. So I finally got a satisfactory cruise booked, 14 day Alaska cruise May of 2022 on the Sapphire Princess. With all the original perks like my big chunk OBC, and some other little stuff still available to me. My air was refunded to me and I was given a good faith FCC that they wound up taking away because the move overs weren't eligible. I could not get a club class or better cabin because they weren't available for the 14 day round trips. I pointed out to my contact person that if I were booking myself plenty of those cabins were available as B2Bs But she wasn't willing to go out of her way to make it happen. I am disappointed about not having Club Class dining but I at least have a covered mini suite and will have to be happy with that. And I am getting my move over OBC which is actually a large chunk of money. Hopefully the May 22 cruise will be a go. I have had so many cruises this last year cancelled, rebooked, cancelled again, redeployed. I do miss cruising.
  22. I love the excitement of sail-a-way. The start of a whole new adventure.
  23. It would be a good idea to have an admin make this a sticky for the time being, otherwise it will be forgotten soon.
  24. I checked cruise deckplans and it appears the cabins are pretty equal. It appears they have big balconies that are partially covered. It is hard to know because the only pictures I can look at are the Sky Princess and you are going to be on the Enchanted Princess but they should be very similar. The original Royal Class ships were very stable in the water. Sky and Enchanted are higher so may be a different ride. We try to get in the Lido or Marina deck forward facing cabins and absolutely love them, especially the club class mini suites. They do get rocky occasionally but never that bad, at least in my experience. I like the look of those D deck premium balconies, because the balconies are huge and partially covered. I can't offer anymore advice, but I would look at where on the ship might be more convenient for you take the front or back depending on where you will be spending most of your time. Oh, and sometimes the rear cabins shake a lot when thrusters are applied but again, I don't know for Sky and Enchanted Princess. Here is a link to the video I saw of D417 on Sky Princess.
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