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  1. Since we are being deprived of one of our favorite pastimes (cruising aboard a Celebrity ship), what will you miss the most? I will miss sitting on the balcony, watching the sunset, and listening to the ocean glide by. How about you?
  2. What is meant by Sapphire owners and guests? Are there resorts with private beaches? How busy does this beach get? Will I be able to get a spot in the shade if I arrive about 10?
  3. I would love to have fresh flowers in our cabin. Any chance Celebrity Summit sells flowers onboard? Thanks all!
  4. It sounds like I need to be there as early as possible in order to snag one of those naturally shady spots. Is there a location that I should ask my taxi driver to drop us off at?
  5. Hi, I booked my cruise a month ago, so the pre-existing condition coverage has been passed. So I am wondering if I should wait until closer to the cruise to book. What are the benefits of booking now? If I cancelled the cruise, I would rather not be out of pocket a few hundred dollars. Any thoughts? Thanks all!
  6. Hi, I am looking at trip insurance policies. I found one that provides specifically cruise insurance, Nationwide Choice Cruise. I have read through their policy and it seems like a good policy but it really doesn’t mention air being covered. Does anyone know if this covers air transportation as well? Or should I go with a traditional policy?
  7. I realize that I will need to carry some form of Id when I leave the ship to visit a port. But does it need to be your passport? Will your driver’s license be enough? Thanks all!
  8. I heard that Celebrity is switching spa providers aboard the Summit? Does anyone know the name of the company that they will be using? Does anyone have a spa menu from this company? Thanks all!
  9. What is an Abyhanga and Thai massage? I noticed that both of these are offered and wondered what they were? Has anyone tried these? What were they like? Thanks all, Yvonne
  10. My sister and I would like to get massages at the same time. Does the Summit have a massage room that would accommodate us both at the same time? If so, was it hard to reserve?
  11. Transfer was made. Success! I can now reprice, upgrade, or add additional perks if any of this becomes available and I won't have to pay a fee. Yeah!
  12. The postings on this thread have been so supportive. I would hate to lose this input, so it does mean something to me. If you look at the Canadian website, people can not book. It is used only by travel agents. So I am not advertising an agency that those on the boards can use. It is not out of California. That is a completely unconnected agency.
  13. If you check their Canadian website, you will notice that they are not a travel agency. Please note, they are out of Canada.
  14. I didn’t mention a TA, it is a consolidator. You can’t book directly with them. Only travel agents can use them to book Celebrity Cruises! My travel agency has to use them to book a Celebrity Cruise.
  15. As far as their booking policy, nowhere on the documents that we received or on their website do they claim any type of additional fees. In an email explaining that they would be implementing these charges, they stated that they normally don’t do that. Now that I know that they will be charging these fees and all the mistakes they have made in quoting us much higher prices (For instance, I found a $460 airfare through Celebrity Air and they quoted us a fare of $1200 through Celebrity Air. I found a cruise price of $2500 they quoted us a fare of $4100. I ended up booking my own ai
  16. Despite issues that I have been struggling with with our TA, I was able to book the perfect flights through Celebrity Air and at really good prices. After a call to Celebrity, I was able to get assigned seats. I was also able to get the risk free flights! Thanks to all for the advice and knowledge. It really makes a difference!
  17. Yes I live in the states, but my sister who is Canadian is paying for the cruise so we went with her TA. According to the TA, they use encore as their cruise provider. Not sure what this means, but that the TA books solely through them. So they have to work directly with them, not Celebrity. I am also in contact with Celebrity to see if they can do anything on their end.
  18. So I contacted the TA and they contacted their cruise provider as it is different in Canada to transfer a cruise. They have asked for it to be transferred back to Celebrity. It took a couple of calls to Celebrity, numerous emails to the TA clarifying what needed to be done, and a couple of emails to Celebrity. Now it is just a wait and see if it is transferred. Thank you for all your help. It makes a difference being able to reprice, upgrade, or add more perks without a penalty.
  19. All of these flavours leaves me wanting to buy a pint of my favourite gelato! I do love raspberry and lemon, but I think that I would go for coconut for the Caribbean flavour! Thanks everyone for sharing your favourites!
  20. So I contacted Celebrity and I was given the instructions on how to transfer my reservation back to Celebrity. So I have emailed that TA with the instructions. We shall see what she says. Thank you for all the feedback. Your encouragement has prompted me to take this step. Thanks!
  21. I changed my cabin today and I guess that it took my TA some time. So moving forward she is going to charge $33 for every category change, repricing etc. I am a little bit peeved with her. My cruise isn’t until January 2021 and I imagine that I will reprice it a couple of times never mind upgrade if the price is right or ask for that additional perk! Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks all!
  22. Smoking! Uggh. I want to avoid that as much as possible. Has anyone else experienced an issue with smoking below the sweet 16 rooms on the port side?
  23. Xport, this time I was specifically asking about 6033 as the one that I have reserved is closer to the theater. I was wondering if I should change to 6033.
  24. We are in the midst of trying to decide which beach to go to while we are in St. Thomas. Sapphire feels like a good match for a quiet, calm day on the beach. With that in mind, I wanted to know if you can find a washroom and some umbrellas there? Thanks everyone!
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