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  1. After hearing about the potential that I will be able to hear the theater from cabin 6024, I have the opportunity to change it to 6033. Is that still a sweet 16 cabin? What are the chances that I will be able to get a lounger from the room steward? Thanks all!
  2. Wow! I am planning a visit to Old San Juan and was hoping to find a walk and 3 miles sounds about perfect. Your balance of historical sites, food, and shopping is a great feature. Would you mind emailing me a copy ms.yvonne.fraser@gmail.com Thank you! You have helped many people struggling with what to do in this port!
  3. What is the cost of a photo book created on board through Celebrity?
  4. Nycruiser80, I have that cabin booked on the Summit. What did you think of it? Do you have any photos?
  5. I am the a Select Captain’s Club member but my sister isn’t. Will she have the same benefits? I would love to go to some of the events, but I will have my sister with me. Will they preload her seapass with the gelato and pressed items benefits? Thanks all!
  6. Thanks everyone! Sounds like I will try out a massage. Do they have one of those rooms with two massage beds? I would like to have a massage in the same room as my sister! Thanks all!
  7. I would like to go to the beach after I disembark in San Juan. But, I don’t know what to do with my luggage. I read that there was a bar where I could leave it, but I am not too keen on that. My flight will be around 3. Does Celebrity transport luggage to the airport for you? Is there a hotel where I could use the beach and leave my luggage at the desk? Thanks all!
  8. I love Hazelnut gelato. Are there any other flavours that others would recommend? I will also be eating the ice cream just in case!
  9. When I started this topic, I didn’t realize that it would become this popular a post. I want to thank everyone for their help in trying to minimise the amount of weight that I gain. I don’t plan on overdoing it, but now I have a better idea of how to approach all of that delicious food especially those desserts!
  10. Thank you everyone. I will be sure to compare prices. I am still a bit confused about cancelling the flights. If we haven’t paid for them, how will we be charged for a cancellation fee?
  11. Thank you everyone. I had intended on bringing a surge protector, now know that I shouldn’t. I will look for one of those plug things!
  12. I am interested as well. I want to avoid the lines as much as possible.
  13. I have one of the sweet 16 cabins booked aboard the Summit on a Southern Caribbean Itinerary. Since the cabin is right above the theater, I was wondering if you can hear the productions from my cabin. What experience have you had? Thanks all!
  14. I will be disembarking from the Celebrity Summit first thing in the morning and I was hoping to find a hotel where I can stow my luggage and use their facilities on the beach. My flight leaves at 4 so I will have 4 hours to hangout. Any suggestions? Thanks all
  15. I will be flying into San Juan the day before our cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit. We should arrive late afternoon, so enough time for a relaxing dinner. Do any experienced cruisers have suggestions as to where to go for dinner? I will be staying at the Hotel Casablanca and would like to be within walking distance.
  16. I will be cruising out of San Juan on the southern Caribbean itinerary aboard the Summit. What time will I be able to board? I don’t want to arrive at the port and have to wait for embarkation to begin, but I would also like to spend as much time aboard as possible. What are your experiences? Thanks all!
  17. I can see myself doing my morning walks aboard the Summit as the sun is rising. How many times around the top deck equals a mile? How busy is it around 7am?
  18. I would like to use the gym aboard the Summit and was just wondering how busy it can get. I would only be using the treadmill. What have cruisers experienced? Thanks all!
  19. Hey ggroup keep us updated on how things are going! Bon Voyage!
  20. A massage seems like a nice choice, but I wonder about the rest of the services. Does anyone have experience with other spa services that would be a good idea to try?
  21. Is the dry sauna usually busy? How many people does it sit?
  22. My cruise is in January 2021, but the number of excursions seems extremely limited compared to prior cruises that I have taken. Any chance that there will be more excursions added as the sailing gets closer?
  23. Can you purchase just one photo?
  24. I didn't have to pay a change fee. The new lower price was honored without penalty. I kept all three perks as well. Glad that I took advantage of this price cut. The most recent sale has increased the price by $100 and only one perk (I have three perks!) ! If I want four perks then the price goes up over $500! I really got a good deal for a balcony cabin!
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