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  1. For those of you who partake in alcoholic beverages, how is the weight gain?
  2. What if you arrange your flights through Celebrity and then you decide to cancel the cruise before final payment date? Do you still have to pay for the flights?
  3. Yes I do have another question. How do you claim this benefit? Are we charged for the gelato and then have to go to the Captain's Club desk to get it taken off our bill? How does the person serving us know that it is free?
  4. I have a copy of the Select member's benefits. But I am wondering if it is accurate. Some of the benefits include: two complimentary pressed items 10% discount in the spa on a port day 15% discount on the digital photo package Captain's Club wine tasting Captain's Club backstage tour Captain's Club senior officer's party complimentary scoop of gelato If I receive all of these benefits, how do I claim them? I noticed that the digital photo package, I can order online pre-cruise. How would I get the discount? Although I have been
  5. I am a select Captain's Club member. I noticed that one of the benefits is a complimentary scoop of gelato. Has anyone taken advantage of this benefit?
  6. Our flights just opened up for next January and I would like to book as the prices seem quite low. I wonder what cruiser’s experiences have been using Celebrity air. What are the benefits of using Celebrity Air? Is it true that you don’t pay for the flights until final payment for the cruise is due? If I use Celebrity Air, can we choose our own flights? I have found some flights aboard American Airlines that I think would be perfect. Would I be able to choose them if I go through Celebrity Air? Thank you everyone!
  7. I forgot to mention that I will be aboard the Summit in January 2021.
  8. My sister wants to spoil me with a visit to the spa. I like the idea of a massage, but I am wondering if there are other services that others have enjoyed. What would you recommend as a treat?
  9. I have read that there is a free sauna available aboard the Summit. Where would that be? Is it usually busy? I do love a hot sauna! But I would prefer not paying for the Persian Gardens.
  10. A number of posters have suggested bringing a power strip in order to increase the number of outlets that are available. I will have my phone, my iPad, my apple watch and my sister will bring the same. Will there be enough outlets? I would rather not pack a power strip. I have enough to pack!
  11. Thank you to everyone for your tips on how to keep those pounds off. I plan to take the stairs, walk the decks, eat a light breakfast and lunch, indulge in dinner and in dessert (I so have a sweet tooth), lay off the carbs. Thanks everyone for sharing how much you gain. This has been insightful and allows me to plan accordingly. I have recently lost 15 pounds and I would rather not gain it all back. I now have a plan.
  12. Thanks everyone who supported me in trying to get the price reduction. It worked out that my TA didn’t know how to pursue this price reduction. After providing her with the quote from the temporary hold she called Celebrity and got us the new price. I figured out that she needed this through all the helpful comments that I have received on this site! I will continue to contact my TA with every reduction in price. It worked out to be a difference of $100 which is enough for the beach excursion that we want to take. As Benjamin Franklin once said “watch the pennies and the dollars w
  13. I know all of the tricks of keeping the weight off after losing 15 pounds. I will definitely be taking the stairs and keeping the carbs low etc. But I am curious how much people gained?
  14. I know that cruising is a time to indulge and let go. That said, I am curious how much people gained during their cruise when they didn’t watch their calories and indulged in the amazing food found onboard! Last time I cruised I gained about 5 pounds without watching what I ate.
  15. It was worth it! The TA called celebrity and got the rate no problem. She works in a tiny town in Canada and might not be familiar with how cruising and celebrity work. Now that she has done it once, it should be easier the next time. I am glad that I pursued this. $100US is a lot to me. I will keep watching! thanks for all the help. I am glad that I listened to those who encouraged me to pursue this further. I think that it was the quote that allowed this to happen!
  16. Jelayne, everything is exactly the same. It isn’t a group booking, the once is the same, there is no resident credit, it is perfectly identical. what she said was there was a different promo code. Promo codes are constantly changing. Does that a difference in my getting the discount? As I said I had already done a mock booking and have a temporary hold so that my TA can see the price difference. I wish that we had booked it through Ceebrity.
  17. Wrktocruise I had already put a temporary hold on one of the same cabins with the same perks earlier today and my TA hasn’t gotten back to me since I sent her the quote. I am just confused by the different information that I am getting. If indeed these two bookings are identical am I entitled to the lower price?
  18. I am sailing aboard the Summit in January 2021 if that helps.
  19. I am confused by the responses. To save $100 is something worthwhile to us. So am I getting this right that as long as everything is the same (perks and category), my TA should be able to get the discount? I would love to hear from those who have managed to reprice their cabins before final payment. Thank you!
  20. It includes the same perks including the same OBC and the same balcony category. If I rebook, do I pay a penalty (fee) for the change? My sailing isn’t until January 2021.
  21. Thank you for all your help. It looks like St. Thomas will be our heavy traffic day with 5 ships in town. The rest looks doable. We want to find a quiet beach so this might be a bit of a challenge!
  22. My cruise went down $50pp. I contacted my TA and she said that there was no price reduction for that category or promo code. I have double checked the site and for the same room category with the same perks it is $50 cheaper. I have asked her to call Celebrities again. I have one of the sweet 16 rooms and I don’t want to lose it. I am just worried that this TA won’t work with me. what can I do? Does it matter which promo code you booked it under? thanks! This just doesn’t seem right?
  23. I have noticed that people seem to know how many ships will be in port. Is there a website that I can go to in order to figure this out? I will be sailing aboard the January 9th, 2021 sailing aboard the Summit.
  24. And what would the charge be?
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