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  1. Can you get Al Bacio coffee with the Classic Beverage package? If not, how much does it cost to upgrade to the Premium Beverage package?
  2. Yum. Sounds like a tropical drink!
  3. Thank you everyone for your input. Does anyone know what time Al Bacio opens in the am? Will we be able to get our morning coffee? Also do they have iced coffee?
  4. Thank you everyone. I will see what I can do once I board.
  5. Thank you to all the responders. After seeing the menus and hearing the experiences of other vegetarians/vegans, I am thrilled to see that I will have options other than carbs! We plan on saving our money and eating in the MDR so this has been so helpful. Thank you
  6. Does anyone know the price of the Premium Non-Alcohol beverage package? We were thinking of getting the classic beverage package as one of our perks. Can we swap the classic for the non-alcoholic one as one of our perks?
  7. Both my sister and I will be traveling aboard the Summit. Since neither of us drink, we were wondering what the cost of a virgin drink might be? I am assuming that they make those? Thanks everyone for your help!
  8. Thank you for all your wise tips. I definitely do not want to be feeling it during my cruise. I will definitely speak up if the massage is too intense. I am wondering about that hot stone massage. I had a hot stone massage with my feet and I wasn’t impressed. What do they do with the hot stones?
  9. Thanks for all of the responses. I would like to have something a bit more than the typical salad or steamed veggies. I am trying to avoid carbs so potatoes and pasta are not at the top of my list of go tos. Does anyone have any idea what is on the vegetarian menu? Is it the same menu everynight? Thanks!
  10. Where can you be served speciality coffees such as a cappuccino nothing crazy fancy? Do they serve them in the MDR? Can you get them at other locations other than the speciality coffee bar? I am trying to decide if we should get the drink package. We are not big drinkers, but we do love our speciality coffees. If we can get them with breakfast and dinner that might make it worth it.
  11. I will be sailing aboard the Summit of January 2021 and I am trying to figure out what to do? Our flights will be late so we have some time until about 3pm. What have people done? We will be doing Old San Juan pre-cruise. What did you do with your baggage? Will the ship’s excursions take you with your luggage to the airport after? We like beaches, history, but not that much walking.
  12. We are cruising through San Juan and our return flight home will be late in the afternoon. So we were thinking of just sitting in the Ocean View Cafe until the final cruisers begin disembarkation. Maybe outside by the Sunset Bar. What have your experiences been as far as being able to continue to fill your coffee cup or get something to eat? How late are they open? Thank you for all your help!
  13. Thank you for all your thoughts. I would prefer to eat in the MDR. It seems like a nice venue in which to relax with your loved one after a busy day. Unfortunately I don’t eat fish. Is there a vegetarian menu? Thanks for your help!
  14. I have read a bit about vegetarian options but I am wondering what people’s experiences are? Were you given a choice other than pasta in the MDR? I would like to eat something other than salad and pasta if at all possible! I will be aboard the Summit. thanks for your help!
  15. What is the cost for a pass to the relaxation areas? Are you referring to the Persian Gardens?
  16. I will be aboard the Summit in January 2021. So the service provider will no longer be Canyon Ranch. So do we know anything about the new provider and their massage services?
  17. Greetings all! I have been looking at the massages that are offered and I have no idea what the difference is between all of these types. Does anyone know? Which massage have you enjoyed the most? Thank you all!
  18. We are sailing Celebrity next January and were wondering about travel insurance. I am traveling from Boston and my sister is traveling from Canada. We would like to get the same policy. Does it make sense to use the Celebrity travel insurance to make it easier? Or should we stay away from cruise line travel insurance?
  19. I am looking for a 1 night pre-cruise hotel. Based on some of the reviews on these boards, the Hotel Casablanca seems like it might be a good choice. I read that there were problems with their elevator. That would be a problem for us as my sister has hip problems. Any thoughts? What was your experience like?
  20. Based on the menus and the balcony that I have booked, I see myself eating my breakfasts on my balcony, maybe going to pick up some afternoon tea items from the buffet and bring it to my room, oh dear this is too tempting!
  21. yvrbos


    My sister is treating me to some spa service while we are aboard the Summit. I am excited. Does anyone know what services that the spa offers and their prices? Is it cheaper while in port? Can you book ahead of time? (I can’t seem to see it when I login to my booking) Is it true that the company running the spa currently will change?
  22. I see myself eating on my balcony for breakfast and afternoon tea. Is there a charge? What would be on the menu? Thank you all!
  23. After all the help, we have decided to cruise aboard the Summit. We were able to reserve cabin 6024 one of the sweet sixteen so I have a place to go and relax for breakfast while waiting for my cruise mate to finish preparing for the day. I have a place to enjoy a glass of wine while my cruise mate finishes preparing for dinner. Thank you all!
  24. I was able to get 6024. I am so excited!
  25. Thank you everyone! We are definitely a quieter pair. Earlier evenings is more our thing. We want to keep our bills low so we will be eating in the main dining room. It sounds like the Summit in one of the sweet sixteen balconies would do the trick. Thank you again!
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