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  1. I received one refund email that listed all the refunds separately (spa passes, gratuities, cruise deposit and balance of cruise). They came through as four separate credits to my card. I hope you receive your refunds soon!
  2. All refunds received as of yesterday. Spreadsheet is updated. Relieved and happy!
  3. All refunds posted to my account as of yesterday's date (didn't show up until today though). Basically a one week process from the time the FCC's disappeared. It been 60 days since I requested the cruise credit but spa passes and gratuities refunds took over 100 days. Happy it didn't take the 90 days!
  4. Hey there. This has been an extremely frustrating process for everyone. Our 3/29 sailing was cancelled on 3/14. I requested spa pass and gratuities refunds on 3/8 and 3/9 and the cruise refund on 4/19. The first two I requested by phone and the last via the online form. Up until about a week ago our account was showing FCC. Those disappeared Thursday or Friday of last week and on Monday I received an email stating that our refunds had been processed but it could take 7-10 business days to show up on our account. Quite a few posters on the NCL boards received their refunds last Friday and Satur
  5. People are posting regarding their refunds on several threads. The one below has a spreadsheet. It seems quite a few people were notified via email at the beginning of last week and received their refunds by Friday and Saturday. I received the email yesterday so am hoping to see the refunds credited to my card later this week.
  6. We received our email as well. Will update the spreadsheet.
  7. We also received the email. We requested the refund on 4/19 for a cancelled 3/29 sailing.
  8. Our FCC's disappeared as well! They were definitely there a couple of days ago. Feeling a little more hopeful now. Our 3/29 cruise was cancelled on 3/14 and we requested a refund on 4/19.
  9. On another note, just updated the spreadsheet regarding my spa and gratuities refunds which are now at 90+ days out 😡 Cruise refund 90 days is not until 7/18 so we shall see.
  10. A couple of people posted that they received emails notifying them that they would receive their refunds, requested 3/23, soon. Here's the thread:
  11. It's great to see the two posts regarding the email about the full refunds 😊 Both were requested on 3/23 which would put the 90 days at 6/21. I spoke with someone at NCL yesterday about two refund requests that I made for the thermal spa and dining/drink gratuities. It's 90-92 days out on both and they're saying it's taking a little longer and to be patient. We didn't ask for our cruise refund until 4/19 since we were still considering FCC so our 90 days is 7/18. I'm on the spreadsheet and will update with any new information. Good luck to everyone!
  12. That's great news! When did you request the refund? Did you receive it prior to the 90 days? This weekend will be 90 days since I requested refunds for the spa passes and cancelled food/drink package gratuities (they said 7-10 days then changed it to 90 days). I didn't request the cruise refund until April so the 90 days won't be until mid-July.
  13. Like many of you I cancelled our thermal spa passes and dining/beverage packages in early March. I was told 7 to 10 business days in the case of the thermal spa passes and 4 to 7 business days for the gratuities on the dining and beverage packages. I waited the two weeks and nothing so I called several times during the course of the following three weeks and received a major runaround each time. Finally I was told the refunds were processed and pending but that they would take 90 days. Not sure if any of you got that answer but I wouldn't expect anything before the beginning of June.
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