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  1. So let me get this straight. People are going to cruise this summer, July, August around the hot Caribbean wearing a mask sitting by the pool, sweating profusely. Heck no and I mean heck no. Remember how crowded the elevators are on debarkation day. So now only a few people are allowed in elevators at a time. Heck no and I mean heck no. Standing in line waiting for people to serve you six feet apart, the line will be out the restaurant to the pool. Heck no and I mean heck no. The price you have to pay to go through all this madness. Heck no and I mean heck no. Why is it that I can fl
  2. Just checked flying from Tampa Fl to St. Marten in July 2021. $ 500.00 dollars per person roundtrip. So myself and wife are going to pay 1000.00 just for flight, not including hotel for the night before and possibly after the cruise. Throw in the price of the cruise, thousands of dollars!! No thanks. If and when cruising ever resumes from Florida where I can easily drive to and save lots of money we will continue vacationing in Mexico at All Inclusive resorts. No travel requirement entering Mexico and only a Covid test (which the resort pays for) to reenter the United States. Taking our
  3. Pinboy, before you reply you should read above. On Friday at 0945 my post said that I do wear mask. Good Grief.
  4. No problem here. Never said that everyone should cruise. I feel safe cruising just as I feel safe flying in a plane full of people and shoulder to shoulder with my seat neighbor. Sitting in a crowded restaurant with it being ok to remove your mask to eat and drink for hours. Do whatever makes it safe for you.
  5. Not trying to compare just stating that I traveled despite knowing that I could get sick. Have people died from the flu? Of course. I was replying to the op. You do what makes you feel best and I will do what makes me feel best.
  6. Absolutely Yes. Currently booked on celebrity infinity December 5 2020 sailing out of Miami. Do I believe this will sail? Nope. Do I have a backup plan? Yes. Currently booked on celebrity infinity March 27 2021. We have not stopped traveling or vacationing. Returned from all inclusive in Cancun October 3. Had an absolute blast. Yes we wear a mask if close contact but we will continue vacationing. Haven’t we always had the flu? Yes. Haven’t we always had norovirus? Yes. Did we stop cruising then, nope.
  7. Hi everyone. Please be advised this post is only for information and not to start arguments about if or when cruising will start. Our group is currently booked on Celebrity Infinity 5 day cruise out of Miami leaving December 5 2020 visiting Cozumel and Key West. There are 43 days left until the departure date. Earlier today I logged onto the celebrity website and was able to print out our boarding passes and book excursions under the manage reservation tab. I was not able to print out luggage tags or edocs as of yet. As I said this was only an information post. Thank You.
  8. Good for you hope you have a great time in Mexico. Our group of nine just returned Saturday from an AI in Cancun. Got out just before Gamma. No issues at Cancun international and when we arrived at our resorts, luggage sprayed and cleaned as well as our shoes and temperatures taken. Masks required inside until you sat down to eat. No masks required in the pool or pool bar. The Mexican government does ask that mask be worn outside of the resort, walking on sidewalks,city buses, etc. Have a celebrity cruise booked in December 2020 and March 2021. Again get away and have a blast. Sent f
  9. We hear you and understand your position. Just returned yesterday from seven nights at our Cancun timeshare. Wonderful, wonderful time. The flight was uneventful and everyone wearing masks. Arrived at the resort and all luggage, shoes sanitized. Temperatures all taken. Only masks required inside until you sat down to eat. No masks or social distancing required at the pool bar. In fact if anyone mentioned covid they had to do a shot. It was absolutely wonderful to get away and almost feel like old times. Our 5 day celebrity infinity is still a go for December 5 2020 out of Miami. We will b
  10. Have been booked on this five day sailing to Cozumel and Key West for over a year. According to Celebrity this sailing is still a go. There has been no mention if we will have to be tested for Covid prior to sailing. Maybe this cruise will be like boarding an airplane. Just put on the mask and travel. I have flown several times during the past few months and other than wearing a mask it was no big deal. If this sailing does happen I will report back to advise what the protocols were. Keeping fingers crossed as I sure miss cruising. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. My wife and I have been looking forward to our upcoming December cruise on Celebrity Infinity. Sailed last November, December and January. Loved cruising the past twenty years and it was so easy living thirty minutes from the port of Tampa. Hate to say it but I think I will have more fun at our all inclusive time share in Cancun upcoming at the end of September. Pros of a land based resort: Lots of open spaces, can eat outside, drink outside, go on excursions without debarking, embarking, beach is wide open, can stay away from people if we want to, wearing masks is optional.
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