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  1. Did the mock booking, categories at and above ours say “Call”, so don’t know availability.....guess we wait and see how it shakes out.....
  2. First time with NCL Need some strategy suggestions....How are people seeing cabin inventory availability? We have a B2B coming up and have already had our upgrade bid accepted for the 2nd leg of cruise. We are still waiting to hear about our bid(s) for the first leg, which sails in 8 days. I am wondering on strategy here. We have bids on both a balcony and balcony mini-suite, upgrading from oceanview. Is it true that if we have bids on more than one cabin upgrade, the likelihood (if either are accepted), is that they will take the lowel cabin level. We are bidding a little higher on the higher cabin level--if granted, it would give us the same cabin type for both legs (and then we would keep fingers crossed that we'd be able to just keep the same cabin for the entire B2B. Is this just a pipe dream, or feasible? Again, any workable bidding strategies/suggestions please! And, are we notified at 2 days out if our bid is not accepted? Again, if anyone has access to cabin inventory, which category is more available right now? (sailing Feb 29th). Thanks!!
  3. First time for NCL cruise. We are on back-to-back on Star, beginning Feb 29th in Buenos Aires. We were just notified today of our accepted bid for upgrade, yay! This is actually for the 2nd leg of our trip, out of Santiago. The first leg is still showing our bids, so maybe one will still come through. We were surprised at the order of this acceptance. If we are lucky, we will get the upgrade to same as second leg, and we could just stay in same cabin for both legs. Fingers crossed, what are the chances? For those keeping track or interested, we went from balcony to mini suite balcony, 27 days out. We are at 12 days out from first leg, currently in an ocean view, with bids in for either balcony or mini-suite balcony. 🤞
  4. New to NCL Cruises. We are booked on B2B. How are points awarded? Will we possibly be on the next level for the 2nd leg of our cruise? ( excited, just a month away now...)
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