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  1. very interesting question, hope to see FOBC will be transferred to a future new cruise.
  2. The Eclipse will leave San Diego on Tuesday, March 31 around 5 p.m. to go to Acapulco where approximately 200 passengers will disembark on April 4. These passengers do not possess appropriate documents for entry into the U.S. The Eclipse is scheduled to return to San Diego’s outer anchorage on April 7 with no passengers. The crew will remain onboard. From cruise industry news
  3. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22662-san-diego-sets-strict-guidelines-for-two-cruise-calls.html This is the source
  4. There are 175 pax onboard who will not leave the ship in San Diego, denied entry to USA, maybe European Citizens, and after San Diego, Eclipse will sail to Puerto Vallerta in Mexico to let these persons off, and then head back to SD
  5. I just called rccl, and they say the ship will make a call in Bermuda, staying there from the 18. to the 19., what is one night in Bermuda compared to Cococay, Nassau, and Cape Canaveral, if the Grandeur can do the sailing, I think we should have a compensation for this, even if the company says they cannot sail because of the wind. Is the Anthem more sensitive to wind than Grandeur ? I saw a television program with Capt Ban on Quantum, saying wind was his biggest enemy at sea, because of the large surface of the ship, he could not always get the ship into ports like Barbados and San Juan, where it was difficult to navigate this size of a ship. Cococay has in the past had many cancellation, where smaller size rccl ships went to Nassau instead.
  6. We have flown from Europe, and being told less than 24 hours that we can cancel, is not acceptable, we should have known before leaving, and we booked a vruise to get away from the darkness and winter in northern Europe, to come to the sun and warm climate. We been to Bermuda about the same time on a. Ruise from Boston to Florida, and it was raining, windy and not very warm. And booking this cruise, which I think is sold out, was to come to cococay and cape canaveral, not Bermuda for a day
  7. Yes, you are correct, that was per week. I like to add, not all cabin stewards have 22 cabins, som has far less, like 14 - 15. The dining room stewards should also be getting the same amount. So, the pay is not bad. They get a free air ticket to enlist, but have to pay their air ticket to home when they og on vacation like after a 8 month contract. And this one-way ticket could be expensive to Places like the Philippines or Mauritius.
  8. Oh, I see the tread has been moved from royal caribbean board to ,ask a cruise question,.
  9. Royal Caribbean ships of course, as this tread is linked to that company, and the onboard currency is us $
  10. Stareroom stewards: 22 cabins to serve, $ 3,75 per day per pax, With 2 pax per cabin = $ 165/week + tip, a little more in suites, but fewer cabins to serve.And they pay a fee to the agency who hired them to RCI.
  11. Got the cabin number today: 8566, not so happy about being right where the elevator traffic is, people coming home late, tend to be standing around there to say goodby to others, had a not so good experience similar location on Symphony, prefer far end of the ship.
  12. We have the sailing nov 16 on Anthem, not yet been assigned to any cabin, booked balcony guarantee.
  13. to me, this Oasis ship, Wonder of the seas, looks different, the aft of the ship where the others have Aqua theatre, and the top of the ship looks like a new design.
  14. I have now received info this cruise feb 07 in 2021 is cancelled. They do not tell why. The offer is to cancel FREE OF CHARGE, fantastic, they cancel and the offer is to cancel free of charge. The second offer is to take another cruise, the week before, Jan 31, and that is fantastic too, since we already are onboard on that cruise, as we have booked B2B2B. The next offer is to take a later cruise in march, not very practical since Freedom leaves from San Juan, and we live in Norway, and already have 2 weeks on board. We would not come back to San Juan some weeks later. If we move to one of the offered weeks, we would receive $200 OBC for balcony, and $ 400 OBC for suite. We already have $ 300 OBC for a JS guarantee.
  15. This ship will not look like the previous Oasis class ships, same size, but different installations on deck, and it is focused on what the chinese like, it is supposed to be stationed in China all year round.
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