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  1. I believe many have already stated that an Oasis class ship can't get under the bridge either
  2. Amazing! Glad all are ok. What a decision the Captain had to make.
  3. never thought to try for dinner but as we could never find a place to sit in the windjammer for breakfast we so enjoyed coming to the SB for breakfast...great offerings.
  4. crisndeefromde

    Johnny Rip-offs

    Interesting...just off the Anthem last week and the price of items were ala carte. and reasonable. We used our bogo coupon for milkshakes and got a half and half order of french fries and onion rings. No cover charge.
  5. totally agree with yesterday's chaos....one didnt know what the other was doing. lots of folks around us on first carry off that couldn't find sea pass to get off or passport etc..My hubby's card didnt work. took them quite a few minutes to key him in which i thought was strange. then our family member used her capitol one card for on board purchases...notified all paid...goes to get off...nope you owe money...goes back to guest services to which she is in line with several hundred people. Finally several hours later I get a security guard to get a guest supervisor for me. This great person took a pic of my cc and went right up and solved the issue and brought her right down to the front of the line which now only had two custom agents and then though the doors to us. Capitol One wouldn't run the charge again as royal had put 10 holds on her card for 10 purchases and had authorization numbers for her to give to the desk...nah they didnt care...the chick supposedly went to a back room with the info and acted like nope not happening. well the guest relation supervisor handled it in a minute. I heard while on the phone with our family member people yelling and screaming. Many folks had drink packages and were charged for each drink. No one could solve the issue...just an off week apparently and many new crew members also.
  6. crisndeefromde

    Anthem of the Seas man overboard

    Very sad for this person's family and friends on board. The captain did a great job keeping us informed as well as the cruise director at the evening events. We dont know what was going through his mind or his reasons but I pray his family will have the strength to get through this tragedy.
  7. I use a belt that I got in a dive shop that I also put money, ids cc etc in a loksak envelope and put in this belt...where it under my bathing suit top...
  8. love the pictures...In the one on the bridge with the people count...what does the MES? stand for...
  9. crisndeefromde

    Passengers killed in bus accident

    Sam so sorry to hear of your loss. I am at a loss for words to comfort you and your family during this time. Please accept our condolences.
  10. crisndeefromde

    Newly fractured arm and cruising......

    oh been there with a broken elbow and arm years ago and my biggest fear was someone bumping into me...fast forward this last cruise on serenade. Passenger fell in boston before departure and had cast on her arm...in packed elevator and she just went off on all the people trying to cram in the elevator. I was trying to protect her from getting bumped and had to say...you have to wait..injury in the back here...oh the looks...happy healing and enjoy your cruise. some great ideas on here with the shower stool...and room attendant can get you some bags to put on to shower also...$$$$ goes a long way
  11. crisndeefromde

    Quickest & cheapest way to earn Diamond +

    I think only three but Bob will correct me..
  12. crisndeefromde

    MLife Benefits

    for casino perks you have to have EARNED the status at MGM. I am pearl at MGM but Platinum card due to RCCL diamond plus status. Until I earn that status at MGM I can't get the additional benefits. Sadly I am a Harrahs fan and like the benefits they offer me more then MGM when it comes to gaming. Live two hours from AC and I would rather fly to Vegas personally. That is just me. Now what I do like that we received on Granduer and also on this last trip a few weeks ago on the Serenade was the certificates for dollars off next cruise. 2400 points is a free cruise. I had 1200 on nine day Granduer in June and got quite a bit off cruise we booked for Feb. I have a 200 off sitting here from Serenade I need to use or not use lol before the end of 30 days. Every little bit helps now that reduced deposits are gone from Next Cruise on board....talk about some empty space not being used...
  13. crisndeefromde

    Concierge lounge on Rhapsody?

    its not a large CL but we loved it...we had excellent concierge when onboard in February and we booked again for same week this February...fingers crossed Irma doesn't destroy port area.. Have to say it was an excellent cruise and great service, great food and excellent entertainment...We are certainly getting spoiled by these smaller ships.. the service is so much better then what we have gotten on Allure and Oasis.
  14. Have not been to Pinal Island but have been to Simpson Bay several times and we enjoy staying in the Simpson Bay area when we aren't cruising. We enjoy Kim Sha Beach...right close to wear the Burger King is...there is a Greenhouse Restaurant there so food and drinks available along with rest rooms. Chairs and umbrellas available and its on the ship side of the draw bridge if you can call it that. Sometimes the draw bridge is up for quite a period of time which can cause sitting in traffic a little stressful returning to the ship.
  15. Glad this all worked out for you!