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  1. Floggin Molly group is either before us or after us but our vendor had 5 charters starting the last week of October. No clue as to when they are being moved to yet as they are apparently awaiting on Royal to see where they are going to position ships at.
  2. We were scheduled for a charter on the Brilliance in November and Royal is working with our vendor of this charter to get moved till next year. The vendor had 5 charters in a row on the Brilliance. Our Country Cruising was one of them affected. We have a 12 nighter on the Anthem scheduled in December...fingers crossed but the caribbean has to be ready to take tourists and will they at that point? who knows...
  3. I totally agree. We did many b2b out of San Juan on the Adventure of the Seas thanks to great advice from several members here on the boards for advice. It was so much cheaper to fly from Phillie to San Juan then from Phillie to Ft Lauderdale or Miami. Miss those days...have been doing the 11 nighters on the Serenade...sure miss that ship...miss any ship right now...have several cruises starting in October and hope they happen...
  4. Same here...see you have Ashburn in your status...our son lives in Ashburn as well...great area...miss my grandchildren....
  5. I just really wonder how a medical note at the age of 70 and above is truly going to make a difference. Neither of us have hit that mark yet but in a few years for sure, We are knock on wood healthy, however, a medical issue can hit you at any age at any time and then what...make everyone have a note from their doctor that at that time of signing the paper the passenger was in good health to sail? I like the idea of temperature taking...that might solve some noro or other things that come on board but the note? not sold on that one yet either. Heck who is going to sail the longer cruise
  6. anxious to see what you think of all the dry dock improvements. I follow Mr. Blair on FB and have enjoyed seeing a drydock in progress. We enjoyed this ship when we were onboard two years ago. I would rather be on this one then the anthem..great crew
  7. we were on the Edge week before last. My second Celebrity cruise but we have done over 40 on Royal and also a NCL and 2 Carnival. Booked this the day it was available and then watched the price almost triple in a few days. Yes the demand was high for the new infinite balcony. If you take away the four perks being offered right now to book this ship you would have a reasonable enough priced cruise for me to consider again. We had classic drink package on this and onboard credit for booking while on another ship. Pros and cons to this ship. It reminds me of the Quantum class on Royal but t
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