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  1. anxious to see what you think of all the dry dock improvements. I follow Mr. Blair on FB and have enjoyed seeing a drydock in progress. We enjoyed this ship when we were onboard two years ago. I would rather be on this one then the anthem..great crew
  2. we were on the Edge week before last. My second Celebrity cruise but we have done over 40 on Royal and also a NCL and 2 Carnival. Booked this the day it was available and then watched the price almost triple in a few days. Yes the demand was high for the new infinite balcony. If you take away the four perks being offered right now to book this ship you would have a reasonable enough priced cruise for me to consider again. We had classic drink package on this and onboard credit for booking while on another ship. Pros and cons to this ship. It reminds me of the Quantum class on Royal but that is more affordable. Couldn't quite get over the sewer smell found around the pool and other areas of the ship. Talked to so many that said one and done. They loved other ships and peaked our interest about booking more on Celebrity but not the Edge.
  3. wow great pictures...trying to decide about Panama Canal and whether to do a version that just goes in the lake or a full transit.....best direction to go and so forth. great info...thank you
  4. Just got off this past weeks sailing, and yes AC is fixed now. We didn't have ac first two nights. Three cabins in our area of deck 10 affected. We were on same deck at Rarett last cruise and went down to see his cabin attendant and thank him for taking great care of him and his guests, sadly a couple that was on first cruise and after a few days never again. I reminded myself the first two days after stepping out on the balcony and it was so so cold and windy..wow it feels great in here. Then at 3am I would be saying a few choice words to myself and looking at the thermostat at a set on 68 reading and room temp 75 and occupied on. I think the choices Royal made for compensation were horrible for previous 12 nighter. Totally unacceptable and hope those affected keep up the fight.
  5. We have been interested in Hawaii also but can't decide between the May or the September voyages or the ship. We have enjoyed the Anthem...so the Ovation would be great but we love the radiance class ships. So to Frank...thoughts ?? Thank you for the great information about no longer having the ferries. I thought I had read there were but apparently from out of date material. We are coming from Delaware...so plenty of options for airports
  6. we were with you...very sad.... not looking forward to this cruise tomorrow. Royal really messed up with this. Our friends have been in an inside virtual cabin with over 80 degree temp till last night when it went down to 74. But the temps outside much cooler.
  7. we received email from Royal stating that we were to be at the port at 1130am for boarding and we would be leaving at 4pm instead of 3pm. Not excited that the air conditioning hasn't been resolved. Our friends are on board now down from where our cabin is located...at least the cooler temperatures have helped some of the cabins but not all fixed yet.
  8. Very sad to read of his passing....great man! Rest in Peace Jim
  9. I believe many have already stated that an Oasis class ship can't get under the bridge either
  10. never thought to try for dinner but as we could never find a place to sit in the windjammer for breakfast we so enjoyed coming to the SB for breakfast...great offerings.
  11. Interesting...just off the Anthem last week and the price of items were ala carte. and reasonable. We used our bogo coupon for milkshakes and got a half and half order of french fries and onion rings. No cover charge.
  12. totally agree with yesterday's chaos....one didnt know what the other was doing. lots of folks around us on first carry off that couldn't find sea pass to get off or passport etc..My hubby's card didnt work. took them quite a few minutes to key him in which i thought was strange. then our family member used her capitol one card for on board purchases...notified all paid...goes to get off...nope you owe money...goes back to guest services to which she is in line with several hundred people. Finally several hours later I get a security guard to get a guest supervisor for me. This great person took a pic of my cc and went right up and solved the issue and brought her right down to the front of the line which now only had two custom agents and then though the doors to us. Capitol One wouldn't run the charge again as royal had put 10 holds on her card for 10 purchases and had authorization numbers for her to give to the desk...nah they didnt care...the chick supposedly went to a back room with the info and acted like nope not happening. well the guest relation supervisor handled it in a minute. I heard while on the phone with our family member people yelling and screaming. Many folks had drink packages and were charged for each drink. No one could solve the issue...just an off week apparently and many new crew members also.
  13. Very sad for this person's family and friends on board. The captain did a great job keeping us informed as well as the cruise director at the evening events. We dont know what was going through his mind or his reasons but I pray his family will have the strength to get through this tragedy.
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