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  1. If it's just for one night I would suggest the Seaport Hotel. It's about 10 minutes from the airport, 2 minutes from the cruise terminal and has the silver line, water taxis, regular taxis, and is within walking distance of many Biston attractions. I live outside of Boston but have stayed there before. Also, the Seaport District is one of the hottest areas in Beantown right now with lots of dining options.
  2. I think it depends on the passengers for your particular cruise and who is on the ship for pianists/singers. I was on the Eurodam earlier this year and there was no actual dueling: it was just two people playing two pianos and very little audience participation. (It is only fair that I mention that neither of them was very good either which I think turned a lot of us off.) I was disappointed in it and preferred the piano bar on other HA ships - or the Eurodam before she was redone, which has always been full of people and group singing. But I have friends who were on the Eurodam recently and they said they had a great time at the dueling piano bar and it was packed full every night. I am sailing on her again this January so my fingers are crossed that time we get a better crowd as I actually really enjoy dueling piano bars! The concept is great IMHO.
  3. Eurodam, January 28, 2016 - Eastern Caribbean - Barbara & Chris Thank you very much!
  4. Royal Caribbean's Song of America to the Western Caribbean in 1990. We had a cabin with a porthole; literally a small round porthole and our cabin was bright orange. Not only the but the beds - both lower, folded up into the walls so you could pull the chair out at the desk/vanity. Yes, it was VERY small. And yes, I was hooked immediately. In fact just yesterday I just booked my 46th cruise. :cool:
  5. We just booked our cruise two days ago through a TA and she was told that you could not combine the casino rates with the Explore 4 perks. :confused: We were able to use our discounted Mariner rates with the Explore 4 but they were a bit higher than the casino rates. We are still happy with the deal we got but it certainly would have been better if we would have been allowed to use the casino rate.
  6. We were on the Eurodam in February with the Explore 4 and we had no problem at all ordering drinks for each other with only one card at any bar - and we did it at many of the bars. We were also each able to order several cans of soda and/or bottles of water at one time - which we brought back to our cabin and put in the fridge. As you would expect there were lots of passengers on the cruise with the free drink package but not everyone had it. The bartenders and servers were all wonderful and didn't seem to really pay too much attention to what drinks you ordered or who actually drank them if you ordered more than one at a time as long as they were given a card to charge them to.
  7. Good morning, we are considering booking our first Oceania cruise - recently we have been doing all Holland America, but I noticed that the pictures of all cabins seem to show only one bed. Can the bed be split into two twins on Oceania the way it can on all the cruise lines I have previously sailed? Thank you!
  8. Does anyone know if the Eurodam has unlimited Internet package?
  9. Thank you very much for sharing the link. Only 2 1/2 more weeks until I get to sail on her again and see all these new things for myself.
  10. When I was on the Oasis last September we were in a suite and loved the Suite Lounge; it was not at all overrun by anyone. There was always plenty of room to sit and the food was well stocked if you were looking for a snack. My complaint there is the Chef's Table because on the nights when they have that it got quite loud in the lounge and I felt the service in Coastal Kitchen - the suites only restaurant that is on the other side of the room, fell tremendously. I thought the suite lounge in Oasis was much better than the Neptune Lounge. The snacks were better, it was larger with a great view vs. being stuck in the center of the ship, and they had cocktail hour every evening. I did venture down to the Diamond Lounge one night during cocktail hour and it was jammed full of people; which I don't really understand as Royal Caribbean, in an effort to lessen the crowds in the Diamond Lounge, now loads your free drinks on to your cruise card every evening so you are able to go to any bar on the ship and enjoy free drinks. Dave OKC, I feel your pain. I earned my diamond status on Royal Caribbean and my Elite status on Celebrity independently and by taking lots of cruises and being loyal to those brands. Then they combined the two programs so anyone who had either status on either line now carried it over to the other cruise line. And that's where the over-crowding really started in the Diamond Lounges. Suddenly all these people who had never set foot on a Royal Caribbean ship were diamond members the day they walked aboard. And it's there that I really started to focus more on Princess and Holland America.
  11. Thanks for pointing out that the renderings they have posted are for the Koningsdam and not all ships once the new suite enhancements have been added. Well, I guess that is yet another reason for me not to get too excited for the Koningsdam quite yet. (I do enjoy that dressing room.) As it is I am waiting to hear from others how she is; being the largest Holland America has ever had I wonder if service or quality will slip a bit just based on sheer volume. Then again I was on St. Martin when the Oasis of the Seas docked beside our ship back when she was brand-spanking new and I swore I would never sail on that as well: far-far too large. The past September we sailed on her and to be honest we never noticed the fact that she had over 6,000 people onboard. Royal Caribbean handled it all very well. But please note we are back to Holland America on our very next cruise - less than a month away. The Oasis was fine and we can say we have 'been there, done that' but we weren't ready to book another one quite yet.
  12. JohnKen3 - thank you SO much for that information. You have made me smile. I enjoy the dressing room as it gives me a place 'out of his way' to get myself organized for dinner, etc. I was disappointed when I saw the sketches showing that they were doing away with them and am happy to hear they have not!
  13. On Holland’s website they have floor plans for the Neptune Suites after ships have undergone the new Suite Enhancements. I’m hoping somebody who has sailed on the Eurodam since she came out of dry-dock can help me here. On those plans it looks to me like they have done away with the dressing room that was right outside the bathroom and added a separate commode and sink area instead. Is this the case on the ‘new and improved Eurodam’ or do they still have the dressing rooms? Thank you!
  14. I have also sailed on both ships and I agree that the décor on the Nieuw Amsterdam is nicer and less jarring than that of the Eurodam. And the NA is a newer ship – though the Eurodam just came out of dry dock so I’m sure she is looking great and almost brand new again. I thought the service on both ships was wonderful but I preferred the food on the Eurodam – both in the dining room and the specialty restaurants. When we went to book our cruise for this year we found that both ships were available; one sailed on Saturday and one on Sunday and we don’t care what day we sail, and they were both the same price. We knew we would be very happy on either but we opted for the Eurodam. I’m sure you will be happy with whichever one you chose!
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