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  1. Totally agree, feel like the weight of the world has lifted from my shoulders. I really feel for HAL at this time. Just glad that they had the sense to cancel 😊😊 Now to plan our next cruise to a much safer part of the world..,, the Caribbean looks good 😂😂
  2. Just got an email and the Feb 29th cruise has been cancelled. 😢
  3. Just got an email the 29th cruise is cancelled 😢
  4. Yes that is how we feel as well, would most likely still go if it was still going. Just wish to move on now and look for another holiday in the future. The uncertainty is the worst.
  5. We are watching our in box like hawks at the moment, leaving for Tokyo on Tuesday prior to the Feb 29th Cruise.... No news yet. Waiting for the cancellation email, so we can pull out all together. Less than 48 hours for us.
  6. We to are waiting for news on the 29th feb cruise. Hope that they make their mind up soon. We have now been allocated a cabin, but think that like most people are waiting for the cruise to be cancelled. We have decided that we will not be going on it regardless and will most likely cancel, we will however still fly to Tokyo and enjoy a week there. Just hope that they offer a full refund plus a future cruise credit, they have already offered a 50% future cruise credit plus $100 OBC, for the next cruise.
  7. We have just received notification of our cabin allocation for the Feb 29th Cruise. No upgrade which tells me that the boat is quite full. Looks like it is going ahead. Not sure if this is just a computer generated email, still no confirmation of itinerary changes. This is strange as it is still going to Taiwan, yet they have a block on any one that has been there, not able to board the boat. Cabins still on sale on their web site, you are able to take them straight through to checkout. Really still not sure how I feel about this cruise. Still looking at cancelling. Thank goodness for travel insurance.
  8. We used or travel insurance to claim our flight changes from Shanghai to Tokyo for the 2/29 cruise on the Westerdam. Travel insurance paid the total cost for change minus the excess. They have also told us that if the cruise is cancelled we will get the total amount back for the change, No mention of taking an airline credit. You pay for what you get with travel insurance. Cheaper policies or those with credit cards may be different but would not cheap out on insurance.
  9. That is a better offer than the cruise prior to this one(2/29). We were only offered $250 OBC each and no future cruise credit. Still no updates on this cruise since Sunday.
  10. But we re being told that no one is contaminated. They would have to provide travel history before leaving the boat.
  11. I wonder if the government in Thailand will let people with direct flights out the country, be transferred directly from the ship to the air port. They could put on busses and take them directly to the airport when they prove that they have the flights booked out of the country. The ship could stay in port releasing passengers shortly before their flights. This may be something they are considering. There would be then no risk to the Thai people, or at least no more than normal flights in and out of the country.
  12. Cunard have also re routed all of their ships out of Asia until later this year.
  13. It is really disappointing to see HAL still selling tickets for their upcoming cruises in Japan and Asia at extremely reduced rates. If people are to book them they will be able to get a refund for the fare if it is cancelled however all air fares will be lost. No travel insurance is now covering for Carona Virus if it was purchased after 20th January. Why are they putting people at jeopardy of this?? As per my earlier post we are already booked on the Feb29th cruise and it was our fear that they would start selling empty cabins closer to the event at reduced rates. Still no answers from HAL or our travel agent as to the status of our cruise. My husband is now unable to cancel his holidays as it is to close, so he will be forced to take his leave even if we don't go, leaving us with little or no leave later in the year to cruise again. I feel for HAL and understand the predicament that they are in, however the money train must keep going it would seem at the risk of peoples safety and best interests. Just wish that they would take a leaf out of other cruise lines books. Don't get me wrong we love HAL and will cruise with them again after all this.
  14. We are booked on the Feb 29th Cruise as well. We are so torn, we still want to go but the sensible thing is to cancel due to the risks involved. At the end of the day over 30,000 cases with over 700 deaths and less than 2000 full recoveries does not paint a good picture. Like has been mentioned on here before it is only a matter of time before someone is diagnosed on this or our cruise. Do we want to risk that. I think Not. Just wish that HAL would offer a full refund for the cruise, a future credit is no good to us as we already have another cruise booked and nearly paid for later in the year. Yes we have travel insurance but we still have the excess to pay for. We have already claimed some money for our rescheduled fees which we had to pay the excess for, if we make another claim we would have another excess to pay this is in addition to the other out of pocket expenses that we have paid including visas etc. The other thing is the amount of people dropping off the cruise. The ship will be nearly empty. Lots have and will be dropping out, are they going to offer a flash sale on the cabins for locals...hardly seems fair when we paid close to listed price. I know this is not all HALS fault but just wish that they would be a little more forthcoming with information.
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