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  1. Update: Deposit was credited to the other card this morning.
  2. We were supposed to be the March 30th Brilliance cruise. We submitted our request for a refund the day after Royal canceled. Our beverage packages were refunded right away. Today we received our refund with the exception of our deposit. My apologies if this has already been asked, but should we also expect our deposit too? We paid with two different cards, so it could be a bank issue with processing time. I assumed we would since Royal canceled and not us. Thanks for your help!
  3. We were supposed to be on the March 30th Brilliance cruise and just saw the final payment portion of our refund show up today. We requested the refund the day after Royal canceled the cruise.
  4. We were on the March 30th Brilliance sailing. Trying to weigh our options to decide if we want the FCC or refund. I know we will be refunded everything that was prepaid (gratuities, drink package, etc.). Does anyone know if the travel insurance will also be refunded?
  5. We are on Brilliance at the end of March and had an inside room as well. We made the minimum Royal Up bid ($100 pp) for a balcony but hadn’t heard anything. After reading a few posts here I decided to call RC. We were able to move up to a balcony for $175 total. It was a little cheaper and no waiting. It was only $36 to move to an ocean view (minimum Royal Up was $40 pp).
  6. Just wondering how many have had bids accepted. Were they for the minimum or higher? How quickly were you notified? We placed 2 bids this morning for our Brilliance cruise next month.
  7. Actually, this is very helpful! Thanks! We used Super Shuttle in LA last year for a Princess cruise and were very pleased. I didn't realize they were now out of business at several locations. It sounds like I may need to consider Lyft (we can link with our Delta SkyMiles), since there really aren't the shared shuttle options I was looking for.
  8. It’s just a personal preference. We have used shared shuttles at several other ports and have always had a great experience, but this is our first time sailing out of Tampa and are unfamiliar with options there. I wondered if there was a go-to company that others recommend. Uber and Lyft are the usual responses these days, so I mentioned our preference so people would know what we are looking for. Thanks!
  9. It was actually a significant savings, at least to us ($400). We are from Michigan, so we will want to soak up as much sun and warmth over spring break as possible. 😊🌞We won’t spend much time at all in the stateroom.
  10. I haven’t yet- thought it might be a bit too early to know. I may try it. Thanks!
  11. We went with the guaranteed inside option to save quite a bit of money, and we are perfectly content with whichever room we are assigned. However, just wondering if anyone has done the same and was bumped up in stateroom category? We are on the March 30th sailing on Brilliance, so we are assuming it will be pretty full. We are both platinum as well- not sure if that makes a difference or not.
  12. Looking for recommendations for transportation from the airport to the port. We prefer not to use Uber or Lyft. Our flight is scheduled to arrive the morning of our cruise around 8 am. Thanks for your help!
  13. Thank you all so much! Glad to hear there are still plenty of options without purchasing a package! Looking forward to our cruise!
  14. Looking for some insider tips.... We have been to Cococay several times, but this spring will be our first visit since the renovations and “perfect day” experience began. Is there still plenty of space to find a quiet chair to enjoy the sun and a day on the island, or should we consider purchasing one of the RC excursions? Thank you for your help!
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