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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/canadas-top-doctor-warns-against-travelling-on-cruise-ships-over-covid-19/ar-BB10VU8N?li=AAggNb9&ocid=mailsignout
  2. Hoping a couple companies go broke. They have been ripping off their customers for years.
  3. It seemed to me that about 75% of the group were unhappy. I saw one guy in a heated discussion with the host. Whether or not they complained, I do not know. I believe I had said in one of my responses we were told it would be dealt with after the fact. Fine to me is mediocre. I stated that only the waiter and cabin steward were exceptional. As I said we are seniors on limited income and I do not think we got good value for our money. Certainly, the lousy tour was enough for me to say our next cruise will be on another line. I just wanted to know what people thought. I got various r
  4. Thanks to all who responded. I wanted to see if people would think I was over-reacting. It is split but I understand that it is not a big deal to RCL or some other cruisers. I stick to my beliefs but am glad to hear from the other side.Thanks to those who seriously gave me their kind and honest opinions. To those who feel they had to be sarcastic or downright mean to me, glad to be able to give you a chuckle. I am sure you post on boards like this all day hoping someone will like your post. Good luck for that! You must be terribly lonely people.
  5. Yes it was. I will spend my money elsewhere. My money is certainly more important to me than it was to them.
  6. I did like our waiter and cabin steward. I found the food mediocre and most other elements nothing special. The crew other than the workers were aloof and not a lot of fun. The cruise offered nothing we couldn't find either as good or better on other ships. I'll give the other lines a shot.
  7. They tipped their hand as far as I'm concerned. They don't care about anything but taking our money. I don't know about you but we are on a fixed income and what we paid was a lot for us. I'll take a pass and give the others a shot.
  8. Thanks to all. I would have expected RCL to care a lot more. We have gone on close to 20 cruises and rarely take ship excursions. We do expect to be slightly disappointed considering the synopsis of the tour but never a total disaster. The lack of empathy by RCL is disheartening. We will take a pass on them in the future and advise our friends to choose elsewhere.
  9. It would have made us feel better if they at least showed they cared. The fact they didn't was even more upsetting. Yes, still there at least half hour later and visible most of the time spent at the church.
  10. It was the lack of sympathy and treatment that was the most disconcerting. If they had shown any real concern about our issue, that would have been appreciated. And I do believe the authorities should have been called.
  11. We did and were told we would be contacted on our return to port. We heard nothing so I wrote to the Executive Offices.
  12. Thanks, I did and he had a lackey contact me. Who was rude and insincere. Sounded like he read from a paper then hung up.
  13. I first want to say that the cruise and most of the onboard staff were fine, some excellent. However, we had an experience that was totally unacceptable. We booked an excursion, Go Native Jamaica, through the excursion desk on the ship. This excursion was a disaster from the start. The bus broke down and we had to change buses. We were supposed to spend 1 hour and 40 minutes on the bus but were on for over 4 and 1/2 hours. We were supposed to visit a plantation and farm which turned out to be a smelly, dirty chicken coop. We had a meal included that was mediocre to say the least and you
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