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  1. I have no idea whether they will or will not, all I can say say is that Iona has cost P&O $950 million and if they can possibly sail anywhere in May they will be doing.
  2. Our cruises and insurance have been booked well in advance of this current situation so we are still covered for coronavirus related claims, as quoted from our insurance - "If you booked a trip before the 18 March, cover is available for coronavirus related claims for trips in the UK or abroad. This is because you could not have known of the risks when you booked."
  3. Many thanks for your reply, I have just tried using all lower case no luck unfortunately but was worth a try. I know what you mean its getting closer and closer to the departure date and I would also like to get things booked and updated same as yourself, I realise I can call P&O to do this but then it removes the point of having my P&O cruises in the first place!
  4. Thank you for your reply but no this is the "My P&O Cruises" page. I do have an account yes and can login to that successfully. I have previously used My P&O Cruises absolutely fine with both of my bookings until recently where I am faced with the rotating loading animation after clicking login and then no further progress.
  5. When I attempt to login to My P&O Cruises I am unable to move past the initial page, after entering my details and clicking the login button the page attempts to load but does not progress any further than the screenshot below. I have accessed the site successfully before, however since late November I have had this issue. P&O customer services on several occasions have assured me that it will be rectified soon, with their only advice being to keep trying to login. We have two cruises booked and both booking references will not work with either my wife's or my own details entered, I ha
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