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  1. I am a little nervous about letting the cruise line book our airfare. Have you all had positive experiences? Any hidden fees? Terrible flight times? Or has it worked out well?
  2. We just used VOOM on our trip this month. I did not expect to be able to text (was planning on FB messenger) but blackshirt is right that the ship's wifi allowed us to text. Just be sure to keep your phones on airplane mode so that your provider is not involved. Also - there were 6 of us so I just got a 3 device plan. We could have any three devices at a time (one would have to log out so another could log on). I knew it was unlikely that the six of us would be totally separated...so the people that were together just shared the device access. As to leaving notes in the room, while that can work - the ship (we were on Independence) is so big that it would be really inconvenient to run back and forth to a room to read notes, etc.
  3. Hi all, we had a no show for our cruise that returned on Dec 20. How long should I expect to wait for a refund of port fees and taxes?
  4. I think I have a few of them but I am challenged at getting them uploaded. If I can figure it out in the next day or so I will try to post. I will say that the RC app that we downloaded had all the compass activities loaded for at least a couple of weeks prior to us leaving. If you swiped left and hit "dining" we could also see all the menus for the week.
  5. As soon as you leave the dock and enter Labadee, the Dragon Cafe (?) is on your left. We went into the patio area of the Cafe and then off towards the left is a pathway that takes you to the Lookout. Hardly anyone was out there. I really loved it and hadn't read about it here.
  6. I was expecting to have one device knock off another. When that didn't happen I thought we had messed up and only the first three devices that used the code would work. Guest services helped quickly when I asked about it.
  7. As others have explained already, instead of you forming your own groups of 6 to 8 people it was in Studio B and whole seating sections made up a group. Not near as much audience interaction. I didn't think about this being due to the larger ship but that makes total sense. AND after 3 or 4 more Quests now, I must confess that I may be getting too old for it anyway...haha
  8. Yes, Biker - Skypad - thank you. The harness fastens around your pelvic area and it cuts into you a bit as you bounce on the thing. They only let you bounce for a couple of minutes but it still hurts. I think the guys have an even more sensitive experience with it! I am still glad I tried it.
  9. We just returned and I wanted to weigh in on a couple of things that I scoured these boards for before I went. * It was NOT too crowded. There were a lot of people but this ship is huge and laid out really well. Never had trouble getting a chair at the pool - maybe not exactly poolside, though that was possible into the 10am hour - but tons of chairs on the deck above overlooking the pool. We were able to easily get into every show we wanted to see by showing up 15 minutes before. Once the show started, latecomers were sometimes without a seat. Even the Quest - which people waited in line for over 30 minutes to get into the venue for - had seats left in it when the game started. * No problems getting drinks even though we had the drink package. Bars had enough bartenders and I never waited long for a server in the venues. The most time consuming thing is how many buttons the bartender has to push to make a "sale" on their register. I counted 9 different taps on the screen that had to be made for each drink I ordered. The good thing is that since my last trip a few years ago there were no receipts printed out to sign. This made things go faster though it also made it more difficult to add an extra gratuity if you wanted. * Playmakers Sports Bar is really cool. Fun "cheap" tip - there are a few arcade games that you can pay to play but also a lonely foosball machine that was free to play. My young adult kids got a kick out of playing it. * The VOOM internet worked really well. There were 6 of us. I got a three device plan and we just took turns logging off and on. Tip: you have to actually log out by entering something like "logout.com" in your browser. Then someone else can use the code they give you to log on with their device. If I had to do it over, I would just get it for everyone because our texting worked with it. I don't understand these things but we were all on airplane mode but when logged in could text each other or even people at home. I didn't think that would be possible - I had planned on using Facebook messenger but didn't need to. * I don't like the new way they do the Quest. It was more fun with smaller teams vs. dividing up the venue by section. But I guess they had to rein it in somehow. * The ice skating rink was great both to skate on and to watch the ice show. This show did fill up * Skylab was cool to try but not worth the pain that dang harness causes! * Service and food was very good to excellent. Lobster was available for a charge every night but it was a free entree item on the 4th night. * Sorrentos pizza is great! * I wish RCCL would consider a dedicated comedy club like Carnival. The shows are good enough but we really enjoyed the comedian on the last night (couldn't stay up for the one on the first night) and would have gone every night if is was offered. * We flew in the day of (which I have never done) because of my kids finals schedules. It worked out fine though I did take out $6000 worth of travel insurance for $200 because I was so anxious about possible bad weather in December. I wouldn't do it that way again if I didn't have to but it did work fine....just a tiring day. * Both Labadee and Falmouth were good. Labadee is beautiful though disconcerting because you know there is a different world beyond the RCCL gates. We did a walking tour and had an amazing and knowledge guide that gave us the history of Haiti. We also walked up to Dragon Lookout which I had never read about on here. It was a very beautiful view totally worth the short climb. We did a walking tour in Jamaica too (my son is a history major) and that guide was also knowledgeable. It was more authentic as you got to walk around the actual city and view both the good and the bad of it. Overall, had a blast with my husband and our young adult kids. Didn't feel nickeled and dimed as much this time with the flo rider, rock wall, skylab, skating, watching sports in the sports bar, and of course that rogue foosball table all being free. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  10. I am really struggling with the search function. When I search I get stuff from every cruise line...even though I am searching in RCCL. Anyway.... I know you have to be 21 to drink but can my 19 year old at least enter the nightclubs/dance parties with us?
  11. There must be posts about this here but I am having trouble finding one. What is the most economical way to get 5 people from MIA to Port Everglades? It will be at 9am on a Saturday morning if that matters.
  12. Right again... I couldn't get back into at all earlier. Tried a different computer and I was able to. Thank you. It did force me to choose a different check in time for him now. So his time is a half hour after the rest of us. Are these times really adhered to yet? Will it be a problem if we all check in together during the earlier time?
  13. Is it a big deal if I made an error (I put the wrong state down when it asked where the birth certificate is from) during on-line check in? It will not let me go back and make any modifications. I assume I can correct something like that at the terminal. Anyone know? I tried after a 15 minute hold to ask customer service and was told I have to change it at guest services on the ship...I know that is wrong. So checking here with people that know.
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