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  1. Haven't actually done the tour yet but have paid and corresponded with them. They have been lightening fast in responding to my questions and the info they provide about meeting the guide etc. is really thorough. We go mid-December. I will report back after the trip.
  2. We booked a similar tour (with a Dune Buggy) but won't have kids with us. I am interested in everyone's ideas for "not to miss" things to do too.
  3. I have already paid in full for the cruise but am thinking about buying these for gratuities and Cheers. If anything would happen and I would cancel the cruise, would they return this portion in gift cards? Or would I be able to get my cash back? Thanks to anyone that might know.
  4. The Cheers packages exclusions lists "beverages offered at gangway". Does this mean the drinks that are offered as you arrive on the ship? Why would those be excluded? Otherwise what do they mean by this?
  5. Thanks so much for your impressions. We leave in a few weeks and I'm glad to hear you found her in decent enough shape. Looking at pics it seems like there is plenty of outdoor seating...did you ever notice people having problems finding lounge chairs?
  6. So once I was booked, I can't see it on any of my documentation either. I called Carnival and the rep said she could see it and that $50 in casino dollars would be loaded on my card. She also said you could get your free drinks from waiters while playing or at the casino bar. But I see others are saying they have trouble at the bar. I guess we'll see in a few weeks!
  7. I saw it on social media too... I submitted my e-mail as requested but never got a confirmation or invitation through e-mail. When I went to book something a week or so later (after kind of forgetting about the potential offer) it was one of the several offers that I could choose from. I don't know if that was because I had previously submitted my e-mail address and it was associated with my VIFP account or what.
  8. Non-alcoholic drinks are not included in the 15 drink total are they? If they are, that could throw off your daily count.
  9. We just booked a trip with this promo. Does anyone know if this is the same thing as what I have seen referred to as "drinks on us". It looks like we get free drinks in the casino. Is this just if you are actively at a machine or do you simply have to order from the casino bar? I am debating whether the Cheers package makes sense if we have already paid for a cabin with this promotion.
  10. I am a little nervous about letting the cruise line book our airfare. Have you all had positive experiences? Any hidden fees? Terrible flight times? Or has it worked out well?
  11. I am confused about this internet/Voom stuff.... There will be six of us in 3 rooms. Would I have to buy 6 packages? I don't care about streaming movies just having social media and internet. Also - our last Carnival cruise had the Hub which was very cheap and let us contact each other on our phones - without social media etc. Is there an option like that on Royal?
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