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  1. I still don't see FTTF for My Nov 4th sailing on the Miracle
  2. has anyone on recent cruises received this extra OBC when on board? I have $500 from previous FCC, shareholder, and casino. I'm hopeing to add the extra$100 when on the ship
  3. Unfortunately they do not have a waitlist but they, IMC ShoreExcursions email, said that they are going to open another time slot on the Tracy Arm Fjord day of the cruise.
  4. Thankx! Hopefully they can put me on a waitlist for my Cruise (July 27).
  5. From my 7/8 email it says "Separately, we will be sending you a link to complete our Health Questionnaire 72 hours prior to sailing so please be on the lookout for this email." I guess that is when we get the second attestation email.
  6. I received the email yesterday, and waiting for the second attestation email also. I cruise out of Seattle on July 27
  7. Heard there are some red buttons around the havana area that will alert a server when pressed. Hope it is that easy!
  8. NBAR signatures. It can be gotten around.
  9. has anyone stayed in 9491 on the Panorama? Its a Havana aft. Can wait to press the call button down by the pool!
  10. yes, just because they say you can't does not mean you actually can't. I know they are using Cisco wireless controllers with Application visibility control. AVC often does not tag the traffic correctly, and let's apps thru
  11. It's all in the Pirates dictionary! ARRRRR!
  12. according to carnivals website. Streaming is not allowed on any plan with exception of Netflix on the above mentioned ships. That is also on the premium plan only.
  13. last time I was on, 2019, they sold a small dauber. I saw a few people bring their own.
  14. My opinion is the bingo on board is a rip off. The cards are expensive compared to the prizes. The side games are not guaranteed to be payed out on your sailing
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