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  1. Same hear! I want to book more cruises, just need a reason to do it! 🙂
  2. Thankx, didn't think much of clean up. a pour over was my 2nd option.
  3. Ship water sucks to make coffee.
  4. I would like to bring my own water kettle. Does anyone know from experience if the power in the room has enough current to support one?
  5. no, but I am interested in your outcome. I called the general line, and was basically told what the disclaimer for RU2 says
  6. I was able to book it three time when it was available. All still have the banner when I go into "booking and order details"
  7. Thankx, but doesn't ask the question. I guess I should have said if anyone has direct knowledge of what they charge in my original post. Not a great big deal, I just like knowing exactly what things cost
  8. I'm trying to get an answer from Carnival, but the Extension they have listed for parking in Long Beach is not the correct. My question is on a 5 day cruise to they charge for 5 days parking, or 6?
  9. I called a PVP and they could not help me since I booked it directly on the carnival website. Oh well, like others said "at least you got the RU2"
  10. only thing is I booked directly. I guess it is worth a try, Thankx
  11. I booked a cruise months ago on the RU2 promotion. The cruise says "says if I make any changes to the cruise I will lose the free cheer package rate" When I looked at a comparable room, I see the room is $288 cheaper (only DOU in the casino). My question is has anyone been able to get the price difference on a similar cruise, and NOT lose the free cheers package?
  12. My understanding is it is two days before embarkation. So if your cruise embarkation day is Sat then the earliest would be Thursday at 12:01AM (not sure it is is your time zone, the ships or Carnivals)
  13. Curious, does anyone know how much they charge for the testing in a B2B?
  14. Wonder if they would accept the digital ID from the state of California. They only provide it is the shots are recorded on the State registry by the provider of the shots.
  15. How often is the list updated? I am on the Miracle in Nov and would like to see who is going to be performing
  16. Can the test kits be split up for multiple individuals?
  17. Never shows in your cruise planner. I've only seen it from the email sent by cabinconfirmations
  18. just gets added to you Sail and sign account. Based on past experience, there is no way for them to separate it , But that could change I guess
  19. Would like to purchase insurance from my cruise. Who uses Carnival insurance, and who using a 3rd party? Not sure of the differences. TIA!
  20. back in Jan when they cancelled my Feb cruise, it too a week for it to drop off. Now your situation is not exactly the same. I would give it some time (week), before calling carnival.
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