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  1. August. By layers I meant a cagoule and a sweat shirt or two... Thank you all
  2. Thank you all for putting my mind at rest. We are going on a road trip around BC and AB after and with the need to pack layers for Alaska we elected to pay for an extra case on the flight but I then had an afterthought on us tripping over cases in our cabin. I don't suppose any of you can give me a feel for what exactly evening chic is for a guy? I always dreaded having to wear formal attire in the evening on a cruise and one of the reasons I am sailing with Celebrity is their approach to formal evenings. I have no problem with anyone who does by the way it is just not for me. Would 'Polo' shirts and smart chinos pass muster? Nigel
  3. Hello all First time cruiser here and booked on Alaska cruise next summer. We are in a concierge cabin and I need to know how easy (hard) it may be to stow away 3 regular size cases. Thanks. Nigel
  4. Indeed and thank you so much for the guidance.
  5. Thank you so much. This is a very special holiday and I am doing what i can to do the homework first.
  6. Thank you so much Martincath, We are hiring to spend 6 days on the island. We then return to the mainland via Departure Bay to Horseshoe bay where we head off to Whistler. We then travel through BC and AB over the next 9 days and fly home from Calgary. Time permitting may stop at Shannon Falls. The rate we have for the car is now looking very, very good compared to what they would charge had I been reserving now. Nigel
  7. Thank you all so much. To be a little more clearer: cruisestitch - having never been on a cruise I was asking how a cruise ship handles dis-embarkation. I think there are two ways, get off yourself, or wait for the cruise staff to manage this by handling your bags and giving you a slot. I only 'think' from limited research hence asking experts such as yourself. Denny - The walk to Waterfront station is not too far, which is why we are deliberating as opposed to getting into a longish line for a cab and taking the drive and of course the taxi cost. mahdnc - I did not know that Celebrity may have a coach to YVR. This would be an excellent option. The car ferry is at Tsawassen which is not too far from YVR. Fouremco, Langleycruisers and Jim_Iain - I have had a long and drawn out debate with Avis (and other rental firms) and for some reasons given that I am dropping off in Calgary the only depot they will do this from is YVR. chrispee and Varoo - Thanks MrClick - There are two of us. Hence we anticipate the train may be our best option. We have a reservation on a ferry at 1.00 pm and need to be at Tsawassen by 12.00. Fly and Sail - Thanks.
  8. Hi guys We will be on the Alaska inside passage sail in August. The Eclipse is scheduled to dock at Vancouver at 7.00 am, Sunday 9 August. The next phase of our trip involves picking up a car at the Vancouver International Airport. We need to get a ferry to the island at 1.00 pm (checking our reservation at 12.00 an hour before). My booking with the car hire company is for pick up at 10.00 am. After taking advice we plan to get the train from Waterfront Station. Any advice on the strategy we need to take to make this process smooth? Do we do it ourselves or leave the process to Celebrity . Thanks.
  9. This is possibly the daftest question but...Never been on a cruise before... We have paid for the Classic Drinks and Gratuities. So when my wife and I wander into any of the bars and order a drink within the CDP do I need to tip the bartender? I guess what i am saying is does the gratuities cover only the staff who look after the cabin cleaning etc etc? Sorry I know it sounds data.
  10. Happy New Year all and thank you! Will do some more research based on the clear guidance given.
  11. Hi all We are booked on the Eclipse at the beginning of August in 2020. Haven't got a clue where to start on booking shore excursions and to be honest it is totally phasing me right now. Pots of call are: Icy Strait Point Hubbard Glacier Juneau, and Ketchikan. First question: Is it best to book thru the cruise line or from an independent? Second question: What excursions are recommended? We want scenery and wildlife (bears, whales, huskies) as opposed to cultural. Please be patient. Never been on a cruise before!! NM
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