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  1. No matter how fit you are the strength of your immune systems decreases rapidly from 65 onwards. Nothing you can do about this.
  2. What's happening on the Zaandam is out of a horror movie. That alone will put most off cruising for a few years. It's sad as cruises are our favourite vacation but we wouldn't dream of cruising again for the next year and probably never. Our kids would not let us anyway!! While I am very sorry for those on ships atm in trouble is there a point to be made that anyone who boarded a cruise ship in March was very reckless?
  3. I think the airlines received a bailout and survived. I think this is unlikely in the cruise industry .
  4. These kind of benefits are not recognised creditors in the bankruptcy of a company so would have no value and would disappear. Even if they were a recognised creditor any value would be wiped out by secured loan holders. In the present climate a cruise ship has little value. My view is that most potential customers for cruising will not consider a cruise holiday for at least 2 years and not all if there is even a hint of a virus anywhere in the world.
  5. I wouldn't take FCC. Strong likelihood that there will be bankruptcies in the cruise lines making the credit worthless. Anyway the whole future of cruising as a vacation is in doubt. I think it will take about 2 years before most people can be encouraged back on to a cruise ship. We have 10 cruises done we wouldn't consider cruising now. More than likely your cruise in May will be cancelled anyway - even if not very view will get on that ship.
  6. They say they have funding in place for the new ships but that kind of support is usually subject to a negative material event clause. I think we can all agree that the virus is probably the biggest negative material event we have ever lived through.
  7. If you are considering sailing in the next year it's a note from a head doctor you would need.
  8. It's really sad. Looks like a beautiful ship but unlikely she will sail for at least 2 years. It is likely that RCL will be in receivership or liquidation shortly (no cashflow and high level of debt) and I cannot see people having the confidence to start cruising again for a very long time after the virus is finished.
  9. At last some sanity. How people have a desire to cruise in the present circumstances is beyond me. I think it must be that serial cruisers are addicted and cannot imagine or deal wit life without it.
  10. He was meeting the Prime Minister of the Southern Part when he said that.
  11. Hope they brought one man along. Everyone knows women cannot read maps!!
  12. I would be careful who you're standing beside before you take a deep breath!!
  13. I think its important for all to realise that once the ship goes in quarantine the cruise element is over. It's being confined to your cabin 24/7 , very basic food delivered to your cabin with little choice, no alcohol. no luxuries , do all your own cleaning. The holiday is over and is basically like prison. Just sitting there hoping you will not be the next to be infected. A cruise ship would probably be one of the worst places to be in these circumstances
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