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  1. "I have not taken a flu shot in 40 years for the simple reason that the last time I got seriously ill with the flu, was, hmmmm 40 years ago." This is like saying I have been smoking for 40 years and I haven't caught cancer yet so why stop
  2. Anyone who goes on a cruise in the present climate is asking for trouble. Very foolhardy and disregard for their own and others health ( not unlike those who do not follow the regulations on masks etc).
  3. Localised alright but with population of 4 or 5 times that of the US China had less than 5,000 deaths compared to with 71,000 deaths and growing in the US.. I think that if there were vastly more deaths in China and in other regions US intelligence would have picked up on it. Leads me to believe there has been massive mismanagement of the situation in the US and particularly as the country had more time than most to prepare. I love the US but have no intention of travelling there any time soon.
  4. I do not think you would want to go to the US anyway which is now the global centre of the epidemic with trends upwards. It strange the way the things have turned around with the Far East now a far safer bet for cruising with the countries there having managed the epidemic far more effectively than Europe and even more so than the US which is comparison seems to be a total disaster.
  5. Do the same people who don't read the Washington Post never shop on Amazon?
  6. With the cruise industry centred in the US, the lack of action by the US administration, until it was too late, and constant playing down of the threat, probably contributed to the cruise lines not acting earlier. .
  7. If we all bring plenty of disinfectant to drink it will be ok. Potus said last night. This is a game changer.
  8. The only circumstances I would said again is on the basis of full vaccine certification for all crew and passengers. So it very much suits me that you will not be sailing.
  9. i think it will be 2 years at least before people might have the confidence to get on a cruise ship. The virus has caused so much negative publicity for the industry with all the horror stories so well publicised. I am a well seasoned cruiser and I would be very reluctant to consider a cruise again and feel that there are many like me. In addition it will be extremely hard for the industry to get new cruisers on board. The financial ramifications of the pandemic will also have a long term negative impact on income levels and pension pots with a changed world ahead of us for the next five ye
  10. No matter how fit you are the strength of your immune systems decreases rapidly from 65 onwards. Nothing you can do about this.
  11. What's happening on the Zaandam is out of a horror movie. That alone will put most off cruising for a few years. It's sad as cruises are our favourite vacation but we wouldn't dream of cruising again for the next year and probably never. Our kids would not let us anyway!! While I am very sorry for those on ships atm in trouble is there a point to be made that anyone who boarded a cruise ship in March was very reckless?
  12. I think the airlines received a bailout and survived. I think this is unlikely in the cruise industry .
  13. These kind of benefits are not recognised creditors in the bankruptcy of a company so would have no value and would disappear. Even if they were a recognised creditor any value would be wiped out by secured loan holders. In the present climate a cruise ship has little value. My view is that most potential customers for cruising will not consider a cruise holiday for at least 2 years and not all if there is even a hint of a virus anywhere in the world.
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