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  1. I was notified by my credit card company this morning that SB has credited my account. The refund included the cruise and airfare booked through SB. The cruise planed departure date was 5-23. I requested a refund on 4-16. So that is 53 days since I requested a refund. I didn't go through a travel agent or notify the credit card company. This situation has been handled very poorly by SB. The crux of the problem has been lack of communication. I know it's been an unprecedented time for the industry but they should have spent a few thousand dollars and hired a crisis communicat
  2. My credit card company notified me this morning that credits had occurred for my shore excursions. The credits were dated May 13, 2020. I didn't hear anything from SB. This was for the May 23 sailing from Lisbon.
  3. Orrr--from a glass half empty perspective maybe they want us to send them some more deposits 🙂 I was sitting here going through my charges and I had actually forgotten that SB did not refund the payments for the shore excursions when they sent out that flurry of emails in April. Looking back at the emails they did in fact have the 60 day qualifier. Also I discovered they left out for refund a 5-29 shore excursion to Bordeaux I had booked. I think I'm going to call them to get this corrected and to make sure I'm scheduled for a trip refund and not FCC as I have no documentation o
  4. I received the following this morning from SB. I wish they would communicate with me about my refund.
  5. Yes--I'm calling SB tomorrow.
  6. I was scheduled to sail: May 23, 2020 SB canceled: April 14, 2020 I requested a refund a few days later via the link they included with the cancellation email. I was not provided a confirmation email of my selection of a refund and have not heard anything since. I'm a bit nervous that when I get to my 60 day supposed refund date that they issue me future cruise credits as I have no documentation of my election of a refund. FCC is the default if you don't contact them by June 1st. Very frustrating.
  7. While continuing to wait for my refund from SB I just experienced the way a different company deals with the problem. When I started booking the trip back in January I took out travel insurance at a cost of something over $1,600. As I recently read through the policy it looked like I basically had 15 days after it was issued to get my money back. When all of the virus issue started I just assumed the money was gone as the policy certainly didn't cover pandemics. I had basically written it off until one day last week I turned up the email address of the president of the company. I wrote hi
  8. I got separate emails yesterday from SB for each of the days I had reservations at the Thomas Keller restaurant informing me that those reservations had been canceled. Thank goodness that was a priority for getting addressed.
  9. My May 23 cruise canceled this week. Their email said 90 days for a refund. They also canceled the shore excursions also saying 90 days for refunds. This is the first communications I've had from them since this thing began. I have never been treated so poorly as a customer by a major corporation with so much money on the line. Terrible.
  10. I just received an email they are canceling through June 30th including our May departure from Lisbon. Same terms as before 125% in credits or 100% cash refund.
  11. This whole thing has been so poorly handled. Their last update on their website was over a month ago. Their doctor's video on the site "providing information you might find helpful" sounds so yesterday. Most corporation's communications department would be in overdrive in a crisis like this to educate and protect their customer base.
  12. I think everyone gets it's a tough time for the cruise industry. It's the lack of communications on the part of Seabourne that most people find offending. Rule one in corporate communications is talk to your customers---frequently during a crisis. I get daily emails from my car dealer, dry cleaner, grocery store, utility company, insurance company, bank, etc. etc., advising me of their status during the Caronavirus crisis and how it will affect me--their customer. Seabourne has over $20K of my money and I have heard nothing.
  13. I have found Seabourn's communications during this crisis to be appalling. They have over $20K of my money for a trip scheduled in May that is clearly not going to happen. The last update on their website was almost two weeks ago. I have emailed them to inquire about the situation. There has been zero response. I know I can cancel and theoretically get future cruse credits. But these have to be used by next year and that is a busy work year for me. This would have been my first trip with Seabourn. I wish I had not gotten involved with this company.
  14. Someone posted this the other day and I agree. Though they have changed some of terms of when you can cancel and when you can rebook it is definitely not good if you have to take the FCC:
  15. Seabourn has made additional changes to the recently revised cancelation policy. You can now cancel 48 hours before sailing and you no longer have to book within 90 days. The new policy provides for booking up until December 31, 2020. The trip still must be taken by December 2021. This is better but does not address the following concerns that someone else posted a few days ago. Seabourn needs to address these very serious financial concerns for their customers should they have to cancel for a viral empidemic. Posted yesterday at 03:11 PM "Here are some issues
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