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  1. Does anyone know if I have to call carnival to get the FCC applied to my new rebooked cruise? I've followed the above steps as well and filled out he form. The $250 down payment to me was worth getting the ship, itinerary and cabin I wanted. Now I'm just waiting for my FCC to come in to pay off the balance. Do I HAVE to call carnival for this to happen? Or will it show up in my account at some point? I havent tried calling thus far because I know the lines have been crazy...
  2. Decided to cancel our cruise leaving the 21st...meaning our entire cruise fare is now FCC. I cancelled the booking online, put a deposit down for another cruise and then filled out the reimbursement form. Not sure if that's what was supposed to be done but I don't think its necessary to spend hours on the phone while other people have more pressing matters. The new cruise isn't till September so I'm sure everything will be sorted out by then. I've kept good records of everything I've done in the process so I'm confident the FCC will be applied to my new booking. New cru
  3. https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-md-maryland-first-coronavirus-transmission-20200312-ry4vxcsyhvev5keusxznk3etae-story.html?15840449575026#icb-arc-story-id
  4. My husband and I have 6 days to decide if we'll be sailing on the 3/21 Horizon Southern Caribbean Itinerary out of Miami and I honestly don't know what we'll do. I'm awaiting word from my boss what/if any repercussions there would be if I traveled outside the US--I work for the federal gov't and guidance has been vague thus far. Husband works from home so he's not as concerned... Its such a fluid situation that I cant even guess what will happen in the next 6 days. At this point we'd get FCC in the amount total to the cost of our cruise. We're not opposed to rescheduling but this trip was s
  5. At this point my husband and I are just waiting to see what happens between now and the cancellation deadline. Only time will tell.... I've really been looking forward to this cruise and in particular, the itinerary. ugh. too many unknowns 😪 If we do cancel, it seems like the biggest headache will be the airfare. Flying American but booked through expedia. If it comes down to that...I'll let my husband deal with the airlines hahaha
  6. Hi all! I’m looking for some advice in the area of Carnival scheduled excursions. Husband and I leave on the Horizon 3/21 which is scheduled to stop in Grand Turk. Recent events and posts seem to indicate that won’t be happening...bummer. Grand Turk is the only port I scheduled an excursion in and we were really looking forward to it but oh well, things change. My question is this— I’m assuming we would be refunded the cost of the excursion in the event we don’t port at GT. My worry is that other excursions in the remaining ports may book up quickly after the an
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