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  1. Updates, menu postings, everything about the cruise will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I checked my booking, seems to be for the Steakhouse: Book now your Butcher's Cut Steakhouse dining experience: Your own Chef, Your own Sommelier!Includes: 1 shellfish platter to share 1 appetizer a dry aged ribeye with sauces and a selection of side dishes 1 chocolate lava cake 2 glasses of New World wine served with the meal Enjoy this unique tailored menu made by the Chef exclusively for your table
  3. From what I understand, if you are fully vaccinated on a US cruise MSC will cover the cost of quarantine and evacuation, should you need it. Is this correct?
  4. Did you have to pay for drinks and gelato at Venchi?
  5. So how is the Divina yellow when it has not sailed yet? Or the carnival Freedom? There is another criteria to being yellow: During the past 7 days, the ship failed to submit one or more daily EDC submissions on time (by 1200 ET). On a weekly basis, CDC emails all ships a reminder to submit the EDC form. In addition, CDC sends a reminder email if a ship does not submit their EDC form. I still maintain that practically all positive cases of ships that are sailing are leaked to the media. Especially now that the CDC is in court and trying to sway public opinion.(My opinion)
  6. Most of the ships before their re-start have gone through yellow and orange, I saw the Meraviglia did the same. I suspect it has something to do with getting the crew staffed up and vaccinated. Does not mean there are positives on a cruise with passengers. You know this. If you are still fighting that you want all cruises to be 100% vaccinated, I understand, but for now that fight seems to be over.
  7. Again, I am talking about the major lines. I think most of those cases are reported
  8. I was concentrating on the main lines and their protocols.
  9. I have done a little research. Here are the covid incidents on ships since the re-start last August that I can find: Msc last Aug/Sept had 4 passengers test positive. Seadream Nov -5 passengers Seaside June - 2 passengers RC Adventure June - 2 passengers Celebrity June -2 passengers RC Singapore June - 1 passengers That is a count of 16. Let's say I missed some, so lets make it 25. It is estimated that 600,000 people have cruised since last August. That is an infection rate of 0.0041% Statistically sp
  10. The guy on La Lido Loca said it best. The re-start is going to be rocky. If you don't want to risk exposure to the virus, if you don't want to take the precautions on board (masks, distancing), if you don't want to be tested at embarkation, now is not the time for you to cruise. I choose to cruise.
  11. Don't take what one agent on the phone told you, they can be notoriously misinformed. If you call back you can get a totally different answer.
  12. I saw the Meraviglia started its test cruise Friday. Has anybody heard anything about Divina? I see that it is now in the Bahamas.
  13. For our Oct 17 on Divina, Cozumel and Costa Maya have excursions as well. Interesting that everything at Cozumel requires full vaccination.
  14. You are correct. Individual states still wield tremendous power in the US, contrary to what the new Federalists would have you believe. Health and safety regulations have traditionally been handled by each state, the theory being they are closer to the situation and know what's best for their population. The federal bureaucracy has been slowly encroaching on that, one of the reasons for the lawsuit.
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