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  1. I still thin there will be cruises this year. Not back to normal volume, but a re-start.
  2. Price was just finalized last night. We were able to combine the FCC and healthcare discount on the same reservation. We (TA) did have to cancel the original reservation and re-book to do it. It was a long process, but if you have patience, and I believe a good attitude about it, MSC does what they promise.
  3. Looks like RC has it pretty well worked out. https://www.*****.com/2020/10/12/royal-caribbean-plan-avoid-ship-getting-quarantined I can't get the link to work. It is from the RC Blog
  4. A lot has changed. Much better understanding of the virus, better understanding of how it is transmitted, much better treatments. In Florida, the so called hot spot, people hospitalized for the virus has gone from over 9,500 to 2,000 in 60 days.
  5. One of the meanings of backstop is to reinforce. That would make sense. Why can't the CDC speak plainly?
  6. This is interesting. Carnival's CEO just said he strongly believes they will sail before year end. I wonder if something is going on behind the scenes (hoping)?
  7. We are kind of in the same boat. We have the reservation and cost combining the FCC and healthcare discount, but are waiting for CS to transfer the FCC from our previous reservation. Our TA says that when it comes to MSC, be patient and stay calm with them, they are unbelievably slow but in the end make it right.
  8. You pay an airline to move you from point to point. Unless you just love airline food. Not the same thing.
  9. From what I know, and I could be wrong, it is a percent off the price you see online. 50% until the end of March, and then prorated downward. I don't remember seeing any room type exclusions.
  10. Mike Pence has bigger things on his plate today. I'm sure the meeting will take place next week
  11. I don't know why you keep harping on this. If you disagree with the way Fla has handled the situation, stay away. The majority of the people that live here are OK with it. There is no pie in the sky solution. You either lockdown and wait for an effective vaccine that is widely available, or you open up and try to manage the spike, protecting people as much as possible. Those are the options right now.
  12. NY is in a good place because they are totally shut down. When they open they will spike just like Fla, Tx. Now the states that opened are starting to stabilize, and are up and running. An article of the impact of the shutdown in NY: https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/half-of-nyc-restaurants-bars-may-close-for-good-due-to-covid-19-audit
  13. NeverCruiser: Somebody that doesn't feel safe cruising, so does not want anybody else to be able to cruise.
  14. What do we know, we just live here. Here are the latest numbers from the Florida Dept of Health: https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/ I think there are some on this board that are NeverCruisers
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