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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded (except the guy who thought it was necessary to curse and the guy who called me a troll). And I WAS feeling much better about my decision to try MSC. Until I read the section I've underlined above. Geez, the negativity around here isn't helpful or cool. (And probably exists on the other boards, too.) Beginning to like the suggestion of deleting my CC account and not reading this stuff.
  2. I booked a MSC cruise several months ago. Then I started lurking on this board and reading all the information. And now I wish I had not booked this cruise. Because I didn't book the Yacht Club. So many posts say the only way to cruise msc is in the yacht club. That they wouldn't do any other cabin. Questions about regular cabins get answers about the yacht club. It's mostly yacht club in the subject lines of posts. Its yadda yadda yadda yacht club. I feel like a 2nd class guy who is going to have a 2nd class, lousy time. Sorry if I sound bitter, but a lot of the posts here have made me feel that way.
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