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    Door decoration idea/question

    Well I was going to make a big copy, but office depot and staples could not copy it...but while I was at staples the lady suggested that I laminate it:D :D What a Great Idea. This will keep the stickers from falling off and will protect from vandalism etc. Thank you all for your input. A cruising I will go:)
  2. [B][/B]Hey Yall! My wife and I are going on The Holiday 5/25 (2 days:) ) for our 10 yr anniversary. I just wanted to post an Idea I had. I bought a piece of poster board (20in by 20in) and bought some cruising/mexico/fish stickers... I printed a big wedding photo out and cut to a circle. Then I let my two DD's (8&5) decorate it. DD8 wrote Steve and Karens 10th anniversary out in big letters and used the picture for the 0 in 10. then they colored it added stickers etc. I surprised DW with this;) She thought it was a very cute idea Now for my question If I hang this on my cabin door what is the likelihood of vandalism... this would upset my wife:mad: and if it is going to be a problem I will hang it up inside. what do you think
  3. Hey all of you thanks for such quick and informative responses.:) I think I have a better idea of what to expect thanks
  4. stev10

    new to Coz/ 1st cruise

    Thank you to all who have given me info on cozomel. great suggestions for snorkeling and shopping:) Sunryz 710 sounds like you really had a good time at PB. Bruce thanks again for all the information. if you don't mind an additional question... We are not necessaririly looking for a beach to snorkel from as we will probably not spend a lot of time at the beach so is dzul Ha or Uvas a place or an operation that sends you out... As we have never really snorkelled we will need some instructors :o. Will we need to make reservations on the ship or before we leave or can we just walk up and go
  5. stev10

    new to Coz/ 1st cruise

    Hey Yall! DW and I are cruising on CarnivalHoliday 5/27 and will be in at 8 AM on 3rd day. We are considering snorkeling??? but are not sure (again never been). Should we book early or can you just walk into a snorkling place??? Any suggestions regarding places to snorkel. My wife is a little anxious:eek: about snorkeling and sharks or other dangerous things...will we see anything besides reef fish? Next question is there any place great to shop?? nothing extreme just souxeniers,unique stuff- my DD8 who will not be with us wants a watch and a silver bracelet:) . Also I want to buy a bottle of Kahlua (not a big drinker but I will be in Mexico) any best places to buy alcohol? Any cheaper than the ship? Thanks for all the help
  6. Alright Yall We are cruising on May 27th(the holiday) and my DW and myself are anxiously awaiting... We are starting our packing and getting our ducks in a row. :) We are first time cruisers on our 10th anniversary;) NO KIDS with us! Now I have a few questions that I have come up with after cruising all the threads here.(BTW this really is a great board) Questions My DW has a nice 35mm camera, and is nervous about taking it onshore, we have a smaller point and shoot camera also? On a 5 nite cruise 1 or 2 formal nites? Is there a "Captains table" (like on the love boat)? Refridgerator in room? ice bucket/cups in room? How does the safe work keypad or magnetic strip? Our cruise sets sail at 4PM how early can we get there/get on board? I read somewhere there is laundry service when you get to port? does that happen on The holiday? Are the laundry rooms busy onboard? I read multiple threads on tipping at the table... I understand the concepts of tipping etc. I plan to tip the established norm on my s&s account... My question is everyone tipping at the table or is that less than typical? I may ask more questions later, but thank you in advance for your assistance:)
  7. stev10

    Doc Dancing In Ohio

    [SIZE=3][COLOR=red]:D :D Got my documents Yesterday and I am dancing. Its a great dance. This is my first Document dance... I am a little nervous but I think I have the steps right:D :D [/COLOR][/SIZE]
  8. stev10

    No Irons in cabins??? Is this true?

    Where are the irons/ laundry areas onboard?? How much does laundy service/pressing only cost? I am cruising on the carnival Holiday may27 thanks
  9. Thank you for the trip report. how was Cozomel?? :) We are going May 27