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  1. We were notified about 3 weeks out and the genie contacted me about a week and a half before we boarded.
  2. We just got back from the Harmony. We won a bid from an owners suite to a Sky loft suite. Our son and his girlfriend were in a balcony cabin. Our genie included them in all of our shows and dining reservations. Some specialty restaurants charged us for them some did not. We were celebrating my son’s graduation from flight school and new job. I asked her if we could throw a party for him in our suite and she decorated and had food and a special cake for him. Even if your children aren’t upgraded I’m sure your genie will include them in your requests. Ours went above and beyond to make sure our
  3. Yes it is included. Immune adult son and his girlfriend are in a balcony cabin so we had to pay for them.
  4. Update on our royal up experience to a star suite. We have had dinner at both Izumi and 150 Park the last 2 nights. The chef at Izumi was the best we’ve ever had on land or at sea. The food and service at 150 Park was incredible. We did have to pay for our children who are not in our star suite at these 2 restaurants. Last night our Genie decorated our suite and had a large cake waiting for us after dinner to celebrate our sons graduation. Our Genie Marla has been amazing and if you are lucky enough to have her she will treat you and anyone traveling with you wether in a suite or not like roya
  5. We didn’t ask for the free meals and were surprised when there wasn’t a charge. We had lunch at Jamie’s the first day and dinner the last two nights in the dining room. We go to Izumi tonight for dinner and may be charged and will gladly pay it but if they don’t charge us I will again be grateful to Royal Caribbean for our good fortune and if anyone else is as fortunate as us I will be happy for them.
  6. Honestly we paid a lot of money originally for a suite and ocean view balcony. Then paid a good additional amount for the Royal up. Having our 2 children included in our experience is a minimal amount to the cruise line and hurts no other passengers. They have their own alcohol package so that doesn’t even come into play. A few meals and experiences are a nice touch for guests who have cruised with Royal Caribbean for almost 40 years. We have cruised in a regular cabin and a suite, we have cruised with a genie and without and I hope everyone who has genie or not has the best experience on the
  7. We went to Jamie’s Italian last night and were not charged for them. This morning we went to the suite restaurant for breakfast and they just sat us at a table for 4 no problem. They have their own drink package so we haven’t tried to buy them alcohol.
  8. We are on board right now and did a royal up to a Star Loft suite. Our adult son and his girlfriend are in their own room but our Genie has included them in our reservations for everything we’ve done. In our emails before we boarded I told her who we were traveling with and she said they would be included no problem. I hope you get your bid accepted this has been amazing!!!!
  9. I bid $1500.00 a piece which was still $7000.00 less for the star loft than I would have paid had I booked It when I booked the cruise. I feel so lucky to have gotten it.
  10. I received the notice my bid was accepted 3 weeks out. From a owners suite to a star loft suite. I also tried to bid before I got the email offer and it said you are over 30 days out and wouldn’t let me bid.
  11. For anyone who’s had a Genie before. What were some of your special requests? What did the Genie surprise you with?
  12. What were some of the things you requested? We had a Genie on our last cruise but we didn't ask for much except shows and dining reservations.
  13. I received our email yesterday. We have Marla. Have you had her before?
  14. Harmony of the Seas. We were in the other Star Loft Suite 2 1/2 years ago. It will be fun to see which one we like better. We really liked our last Genie I can't remember her name. We didn't ask for a lot but she was very nice and took great care of us.
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