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  1. Was very pleased when I noticed this on their site. I had been hoping for this. We lost half our money by cancelling a 10th March cruise three weeks ago.
  2. We are booked for NZ with Golden Princess on 10 March. Our insurance is with RACV and I rang them yesterday. If the government bans travel between our countries I would be covered. But if I cancel because I'm anxious about either getting the virus or being quarantined on the ship, it is classed as change of mind and I get nothing from the insurance company. I've looked up Princess' policy and up until 15 days before the cruise (it is now 31 days) we get 50% back if we cancel. Less than 15 days I think we get nothing.
  3. How do you get "cancel for any reason" insurance? I wish I had that now, cruise leaving in 31 days.
  4. I take my feather pillow on every holiday even if it's only for one night.
  5. Oh dear. I'd say I will be the 1 in 13 as I suffer from night sweats.
  6. With our first ever cruise due to leave on 10 March to NZ (Golden Princess), I am wondering what the situation will be like in 32 days time. The irony is that I used to say I would never go on a cruise because of norovirus. I got over that fear and have spent the last 12 months excitedly counting down the days to our cruise.
  7. This is all getting very worrying. But that is a very generous compensation.
  8. It's a domestic flight. The cruise brings us back to Melbourne then we board a plane to go home.
  9. Thanks. Hadn't thought to take bubble wrap. Will pack some and use in carry-on luggage. Don't trust the airlines with the checked luggage. Although we are not flying to NZ we have a flight home from Melbourne.
  10. My husband is looking for a top shelf bourbon which is called Wild Turkey Rare Breed. It is around $99 at Dan Murphy's and he has seen it for between $61 to $70 NZ dutyfree. He figures that if it is available and he buys a couple of bottles he could save almost $80.
  11. Thanks. My husband has checked prices here and it is quite expensive compared to Galleria's prices. So I guess he figures the saving is worth it. I'll stick to dutyfree jewellery, it will be easier to carry! 🙂
  12. Wow thanks, that is very comprehensive information, perfect. We are leaving from Melbourne in March (if we haven't all turned into zombies by then) on the cruise, so your suggestion of buying at Auckland sounds like the best option. My husband has googled Galleria and they have what he wants.
  13. Thanks. We are heading to New Zealand. We have never travelled overseas before and are not familiar with how dutyfree works. Can we just go into any bottleshop onshore and get dutyfree prices or do we have to be at an airport?
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