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  1. Hi everyone. Quick question. I've heard that Spectrum is coming in to Sydney on Saturday and docking at OPT overnight. Splendor is due in on Sunday morning so does anyone know where Splendor will dock? White Bay?
  2. Thank you everyone. At least I'm not below the galley so happy with that! I guess I'll wait and see what it's like. Just happy to be cruising.
  3. Thanks for replying. It's not the galley. I've tried to include a screenshot. It's between the art room and the lobby.
  4. Hi everyone. I have just booked a guarantee ocean view room on Splendor. I have been allocated a room on deck 2 midship. Looking at the plan I am under an area which is marked in grey on the deckplan between the dining room annex and the lobby. Does anyone know what this area is? My room is also an interconnected room. Do you think that will be an issue? Thanks so much for any replies.
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