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  1. No, problem NOT solved if you're a smoker (and happily I'm not one anymore). That's almost like saying a drinker should be happy because they are allowed non-alcoholic beer in a bar but no alcohol. You obviously have never smoked and don't understand.


    Oh my goodness, you couldn't be more wrong! I smoked for 40 years (in two separate stints) and completely understand. Quitting smoking is extremely difficult and takes a lot of self discipline, something I have to work on daily. I'll be smoke free (this time) for a year next week.

  2. I just can't wrap my head around the cancel for any reason need. I did book a policy with that for a teenage daughter going on an abroad trip. I had concerns she might not get on the plane. But if I have booked a cruise for us, I am sure I am going. I can't imagine a scenario where the day before sailing I would just change my mind.


    But as someone here just said, everyone needs different assurances.


    I got food poisoning :eek: from dinner the night before I was leaving on a short trip. There is no way I could have anticipated that.

  3. Canada Dry is an American brand, their world HQ is in Texas. (Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc, 5301 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024) and their products are available in almost every supermarket in the US.


    I live less than 2 miles from there. :) That location houses only corporate offices. I have no idea where they manufacture their products.

  4. That's nothing. Several years ago I was at Truluck's in Dallas and they had all you can eat lobster. One of the Dallas Cowboys was in there and he ate 33 whole 1.5 pound lobsters in one sitting (not just the tail.) The manager told us it was a record for them - he certainly was the center of attention in the restaurant. I believe the current world's record is 44 1.5 pound lobsters. At any rate, if you really wish to do this kind of eating, I think it is nicer to go somewhere like the Big Texan Steak Ranch and try to conquer their 72 oz steak. Take the stage, have some fun! There have been people who were banned for doing it too many times there. Maybe Carnival should think about offering this sort of experience in the MDR with a table on the stage and some large meal. I imagine quite a few people would find it entertaining.


    Which Cowboys player ate all those lobsters at Trulucks? Sounds like something Nate Newton would have done back in the day. He's too skinny to eat that much at one sitting now. ;)

  5. I can't count the many "adventures" I've had with the TSA. What will be allowed and not allowed can change several times at the same checkpoint during an hour.


    On my last trip (round trip Dallas Love Field / Tulsa) TSA was par for the course on what is allowed and what is not. Full size hairspray and shampoo allowed in DAL only to be thrown away in TUL.


    I've decided to treat it like a game.

  6. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/ebola-crash-fear-hurts-us-26404659 is a source on the "More Americans have married Kim Kardashian than died from Ebola". In fact, as of two days ago, zero Americans were infected in America with Ebola. Two American nurses and an aid worker were infected overseas, and no deaths yet.


    The highlighted part in your post is completely wrong. Both of the American nurses were infected in a Dallas hospital. Dallas, Texas is not "overseas," even by Ottawa standards. :p

  7. . . . that is what I would call unwarranted hysteria. . . .


    And yet others are calling it an overabundance of caution. ;)


    For instance, yesterday a light rail train station in Dallas was completely shut down and decontaminated. Why? Because a woman spit on the platform who said she had stayed at the same apt. complex (quite some time back -- before he was even there) where Thomas Eric Duncan lived.

  8. My beloved home just keeps getting put on page one for really awful things. First it was JFK and now it's ebola. :mad:


    I can guarantee you we're getting more media hype about Thomas Eric Duncan, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson than anyone anywhere else in the world. Our local ABC channel broke into ABC World News Tonight this evening to show live coverage of the ambulance taking Ms. Pham from Presby Dallas to the airport. It's crazy.

  9. Yes' date=' and it's horrible.:eek: Think cold, steeped tea. Add lots of lemon and some splenda, and it might be drinkable. Or just go for the lemonade.[/quote']


    I don't know any other way to make iced tea than to start with steeped tea. Do you have a recipe you'd be willing to share?

  10. Brava Chardonnay Sisters! Dare I hope for an encore in the near future?


    As always, your entire review was totally entertaining and there is always one "feature" that makes me lean back in my chair and have a good old belly laugh. This time it was the visual I got of the fashion statement you thought about making in Anchorage transforming your maxi skirt into a bohemian diaper with a binder clip. Kinda reminded me of the toga parties in my college days ... those frat boys sure knew how to improvise with a bed sheet.

  11. I took a photography class before my first Alaska cruise. I had already bought a new camera and wanted to learn more about capturing great shots. I found it very informative and there were several others in the class for the same reason -- going on a fantastic vacation and wanting to know how to take the best pictures. The class was only one evening but worth every second.

  12. Several years ago BofA called me because someone was trying to use my card in South Africa. They wanted to know if I'd been there. Uh..NO!! Someone had tried to check my balance with the card 3 times but kept entering the wrong pin. I was dumbfounded and asked how someone could have gotten my card number. They said not to try to figure it out because it could have been anywhere. Moral to the story -- it can happen to anyone anytime you swipe your card. Thieves can be very good at their craft.

  13. Except for not having the search function the past few days, today was the first time I had trouble with CC and it was the inability to log in. It just took me at least half an hour to log in. Like everyone else, I thought it might be my computer. But, I had no problems with other sites so figured it was CC. Hopefully they let us know what it is. I don't think it has anything to do with the Olympics. The days of computers slowing down because kids are home from college are long past. I'm guessing that that CC is upgrading something.


    Don't be so quick to blame college kids for slowing down CC. It may well be CC employees that are live streaming the Olympics while at work. My company has sent out a couple of warnings about watching sporting events such as the Olympics or Masters while working on company servers (at home or at the office) because it causes major problems.


    If there's too much traffic using unusually large bandwidth at the same time, the servers simply will not be able to handle it all. Employees are more likely the cause than college kids.



    Or, CC could simply be experiencing technical difficulties like all websites due from time-to-time. :)

  14. I am delighted to learn that you had such a good experience with British Airways flying through Heathrow. i have yet to make a connection on British Airways through Heathrow and have my luggage come along with me. I spent 4 days of a 7 day business trip in Varese, Italy before my bags made it from Heathrow to Milano.


    Needless to say, I would suggest avoiding British Airways for anything than 1 non stop flight.


    It just goes to show what a different experience two people can have with the same firm!


    Arriving at your destination without luggage on an overseas connection would be more understandable than what happened to me once. SW lost my luggage on a flight from Houston to Dallas....took them 2 days to find it. :confused:

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