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  1. That is a great point about the Bar areas VT! Tom, do you know if you can have dinner brought to a Cabana if one has been rented for the cruise?
  2. Thank you both. That is a very helpful list and experience! Also, it seems like this group has most of their activities from 5:30p-7:30p, then they've booked out the Main Dining Room for 8:00p. That is fine with me. I like to eat around 6p, so I have waitlisted for early seating, and will check with the maitre d upon embarkation. Any other tips?
  3. I was hoping for a nice quiet week in the Caribbean on HAL, so we booked the N Amsterdam sailing on the 11th of January. I have just found out that this is the MercyMe, Christian Rock Band cruise, that this band puts on every year. Now, I think it's great that these fans can get together and have a good time, but this is definitely not my cup of tea. So my question here is, what can I do to minimize this disrupting my relaxation :-)? Also, it seems to me the cruise lines don't make it easy to find out about these partial group charters. I suppose I can see why. I would not have booked this cruise knowing what I know now. Is there a comprehensive list to reference before booking me next cruise? Themecruisefinder.com for example seems to be dependent upon an organization listing their cruise.
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