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  1. I will let you know. We didn't have a lot of options. We ended up using a boatload of Marriott points to stay at the newly renovated Ritz (it's our 20th anniversary so why not?). I hope it's worth the splurge that it is. I hear that the Marriott will be renovated next, not sure of the completion date, however.
  2. Thanks. I definitely agree that the beaches on St. John are fabulous (from what I've seen online). We're staying at a nice hotel on St. Thomas, so we want to be sure to enjoy those amenities. I think we won't plan too much, and live in the moment.
  3. Thanks for your advice! I'd love to know what beach bars are open. I'm really looking forward to St. John. We have three nights in St. Thomas pre-cruise, and I'm tempted to hop over to St. John to get an extra day there. We'll head over to Magen's Bay in St. Thomas for a bit. The rest of the time we're going to enjoy the resort. Is it worth having a 2nd day in St. John? So many beaches look amazing: Honeymoon, Trunk, Cinnamon, Maho. Not booking an excursion, and will either do our own thing or see what our new friends are doing. These cruises seem to be pretty social.
  4. A question on sea sickness. I've never had an issue with smaller boats on open seas (whale watching, fishing boats, catamarans, etc in both the Atlantic and Pacific), would this be different? My husband will for sure use the patch, but I figured that I'd be fine. Perhaps not?
  5. I'm guaranteed to over-pack! Are the snorkels not decent? I can't imagine decent snorkeling off the back of the ship. Can you take them off the boat? I'm not a huge snorkeler, but might in St. John. Doesn't seem worth bringing ours just for one port?
  6. Lucky you! Enjoy your vacation. Thanks for letting me know about that laundry deal. That doesn't sound too bad. We have 3 days in St. Thomas pre-cruise, so this may be something to consider. Anyone have any other tips, advice, or words of wisdom?
  7. This is great advice. Thank you! Wow, 4am? I'm certain we'll never be in that situation. LOL.
  8. Thanks so much for the great advice! I'm glad to hear that the tender is pretty quick.
  9. Hi, Glad to have found this forum. We board on Feb 8, which is just around the corner! We booked way back last April, so this has been a long time coming! Any advice to help make our first trip as amazing as it can be? We've traveled quite a bit, but never on a cruise, yacht, etc. I'm wondering about the smaller details, like are irons/steamers available to press our clothing, is laundry an option (we're spending 3 nights in St. Thomas pre-yacht). Also, are there enough hangers in the closet? What's the tender like? Do people return to the ship for lunch, or do most spend the whole d
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