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  1. I did deck 9 last month on Joy and had very few complaints, other than realizing the bulge on the map, was Food Republic which sticks out from the ship, was right below my room and I could see straight down into it (9792). Deck 8 is home to the waterfront, so the only rooms are at the first 1/3 or so of the ship, down some semi-hidden hallways, not typical of your average floor on a cruise ship that is 100% cabins. Also, I don’t know if I’d want to be right next to the district brew house, as a lot of times they would have music going relatively late, so starboard side may be better.
  2. Awesome, Thanks! Is there an outdoor haven sun deck too? I’ll admit on Escape it took us a while to realize it was there, but was a great place to hang out if it was a nice day and you wanted to be outdoors rather than in the courtyard.
  3. Hello Everyone, Looking at booking on Jewel next year in the haven. Have done Haven on Epic and Escape in the past, but looking at Jewel it is obviously a lot smaller. From reading on here, it seems like they offer breakfast/lunch in one of the restaurants daily, but I assume dinner is in the main dining room? Does the haven itself have its own bar? Outside sun deck bar? I know it doesn’t have a lounge, but would be nice to drink and relax in the haven without having to wander out. Any other overall haven experiences/info on the Jewel is appreciated. thanks in advanc
  4. I still see a lot of issues, but better safe than sorry... People handing their water bottles to a crew member, to fill, and then hand back just means the crews gloves are now contaminated, yet they don’t change... If they were only handling clean glasses, it would be different. Also not sure NCL is staffed for this. You’ll have 1 chef trying to dish people for 5-6 dishes in their area. They need a little more help on the distribution front. Also, if it’s slow, the crew is off preparing food, not serving, and at breakfast this morning I stood there for 3-4 minutes an
  5. Yesterday everything on the Joy disappeared off the tables (Salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard), and menus all became paper, no cover. Crew has been wiping down surfaces like crazy. Key cards get sanitized every time a crew member touches it. Today, everything was no-self service, from the buffet and observation food items, even drinks... Some people of course are ignoring the ropes and doing it themselves.
  6. Strangely, I am on the Joy right now as well, and have been thinking the Premium Internet was better than that of any ship I have have been on before. Have even been able to FaceTime and WiFi Call without much of an issue. Did you upgrade after you first used the package? I wonder if trying on a different device or location on board would show any improvement.
  7. Three days later now. No treat. Didn’t really expect anything, was more so just curious if NCL required employees above a certain capacity to make and keep record of guest interactions.
  8. Hey Everyone, In port today, having lunch at the Garden Cafe and one of the chefs approached me and asked how my vacation was and the food etc. At the end of our conversation he asked for my room number and name. Does NCL require the crew to make a certain number of guest contacts, and asking for that information was a way to prove that he spoke with a guest? Just curious why else he would want/need that information. Thanks!
  9. Hey Everyone, Cruising on Friday, and received the “your bid could not be accepted” emails today. I was just curious if anyone had or have heard of people having success calling after the Upgrade Advantage window, or asking at the pier to purchase an upgrade if available, or if they just kind of lock everything down as is from that point forward. Sailing appears full/sold out, but sometimes I would think people have plans change and don’t make it, making a higher category room available within 48 hours. Thanks!
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