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  1. Thank you all for answering. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. I was sort of thinking this year but it is clear we need to plan further ahead. My husband has realized his dream of becoming a teacher as a second career after 30 years in academia and tech r&d so we are constrained to a typical school year calendar. In short we value these things: not being run over by screaming children or other screamers, a more casual vibe, a good beverage program, good food, ports. I don’t know if we should look to higher categories on larger ships or search for “luxury cruises” We tend to prefer fewer experiences but each experience being a very good experience, e.g., we would prefer to go all out on attending one athletic event rather than getting season tickets offering a lesser experience. Thank you again for your interest in sharing with us.
  2. Hi all! Joined here as we want to learn what would be best for us. We are childfree, 50’s, active and want to find a good cruise over holidays. Looking for some niceties like a balcony and a couple interesting ports. We are far from wealthy but will spend a bit more for the right product. Prefer casual vibe. Thanks!
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