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  1. This is the earliest flight that day. Now you all have me worried...:(
  2. Thank you so much. This is very helpful. Our plane lands at 12:40pm. The cruise departs at 5- should make it.. 🙂
  3. How long of a drive is it from the airport to the dock? We are sailing RCL. Thanks
  4. Hi, RCL will dock in Seward for everyone to leave the ship. I am looking at an excursion that starts at 8:30am. Will I have enough time to get off the boat and to the excursion? Thanks
  5. We will be on the Radiance of the Seas cruising Alaska. TY
  6. Hi I have the drinking package which includes the coffees/smoothies etc. Do they offer protein shakes anywhere on the boat. Also do they have a healthy selection of food to chose from? Whole grains etc? Ty
  7. Hi What do you think is the most scenic way to Anchorage from seward? TY
  8. Hi Can anyone tell me about excursions they did when docked in Icy Strait Alaska. We are interested in search/viewing brown bears. We are not interested in Whale tours as we can do this here at home. Thanks
  9. Hello I know this topic was discussed previously but I couldnt find the post on it. Will your cell phone work with your hot spot if you do NOT purchase an internet package? Ty
  10. How much do they charge you for a budweiser or Blue Moon (if they even have it)? ty
  11. so no matter what someone needs to have bought the package, correct? Ty
  12. so does this mean you dont have to purchase the internet package?
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