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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded. After much consideration, we have decided on the Carnival Breeze. We have also opted not to purchase the drink package. My mom will not be drinking alcohol, she mainly drinks water or unsweetened iced tea. My aunt and I have decided we will have limited alcohol and it would be cheaper to purchase drinks a la carte. 


  2. 1 hour ago, janetz said:

    Where do you live?

    If your able to drive to your port, you save money on airfare and hotel

    Try and go for 7 days 

    Princess cruises may be a thought also

    Not every one in a cabin has to purchase the drink package on Princess 
    Stay away from spring break times, school vacations and summer. Prices are higher

    That is some of Feb and March 

    Early December is a good time also to cruise


    Hi, thanks for the response. I live in New York State. Driving to FL wouldn’t really be feasible or cost effective. 


  3. Hello! Forgive me as this is a little long....I am looking to plan a 5-7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise for 2021. I’ve been on 2 cruises before, but I will be traveling with my mom and aunt who have never cruised before. They are in their early 60s and I am In my early 30s. My previous trips were Royal Caribbean to Bermuda and Celebrity to Cozumel/Key West). On my previous cruises I traveled with a family friend and the other family did all the booking, planning etc. I just packed my bag and followed along. Therefore I have limited knowledge about planning and booking.


    I'm strongly considering Royal Caribbean. Although I have never been on Carnival, it seems to be aimed at younger, adventurous families. We are not super adventurous, so I think Royal Caribbean would be a better choice. Destinations of interest include St Thomas, St Kitts and St Maarten. 

    Price is another important factor for me. My mother is on a fixed income, so I will have to pay her way almost completely. My aunt is able to pay her own way. For cost purposes, I would like all 3 of us to share a single cabin. We don’t mind it being a little “cozy”.


    My big questions are:

    Any other destination suggestions besides St Thomas, St Kitts and St Maarten?

    When would be a good time to book so I can score the best deals? Is booking now too far in advance?

    From my previous experience, if one member of a cabin wants a drink package, all members of that cabin must purchase the same drink package. My mother doesn’t drink alcohol for personal/medical reasons. Will she still be required to purchase this package? 

    Any other tips or suggestions? 



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