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  1. Today I received a call from my TA. They credited my over £850.00 deposit back to my debit card. This comes a mere 3 weeeks after someone in the TA took ownership of my issue. Whether or not the fact that the Bank had made a S 75 chargeback to my card sped things up I dont know but hopefully this is the end of my problems (the refund can take 2 or 3 days). The helpful person in the TA changed my opinion of them but I still have a bad taste of the fact that a final payment was pressurised from me less than 48hrs before the cruise was officially cancelled. By the sounds of things there may be no foreign holidays for many months to come so lets make the best of it and Stay Safe. I can now say Im as happy as a Sandboy or whatever your local definition of happiness is. I hope anyone else who is being messed about by their TA or Cruise Line is as fortunate as I appear to have been.
  2. The TA “promised” me that it would be paid direct to my bank account but I will check my Credit Card just in case
  3. That’s exactly what I did. Got the final payment back from Bank within 10 days. Still waiting on over £850 deposit from Azamara
  4. Does loyalty to a company give them the right to treat their customers with contempt???
  5. I agree. The “benefits” offered by loyalty rewards can often be bettered by deals offered by some TAs or occasionally by the cruise companies themselves. I think customers will vote with their feet when they think how shamefully they have been treated by most cruise lines. The strange coincidence that most cruises are not cancelled until after the final payment made stinks. It may be good business sense getting interest free money from your customers and the make them wait months on refunds but in my opinion it will be the undoing of some as customers will be very wary in the future
  6. If you do not make your final payment it is likely that you will lose your deposit. In my case it was a substantial amount. Two days after I paid the final amount the cruise was cancelled. If I were a cynic I would say that this is a ploy by the cruise line to get an interest free loan so that they can refund the people who felt pressured into making their final payments a couple of months ago. Despite promises from the TA I have not had any refund from them or Azamara but managed to get a chargeback on my credit card for the final payment.
  7. Should that not read IF Azamara returns to service.
  8. I think you are 100% correct there. I AGAIN contacted my TA and demanded a response from them or I would go to ABTA and Trading Standards. I at least got an acknowledgement this time. Fortunately the law is on our side regarding refunds within 14 days Covid or not!!! I checked with trust pilot and this particular TA doesn’t fare to well with regard to refunds
  9. A model boat on Lurgan Lake is the nearest any of us will get to a cruise this year! I appreciate the craic about the Lurgan Spade its lightened the mood. I can think of a few other choice phrases to describe the TA but sadly most of them would get me banned from these forums. I will be emailing the TA tomorrow again as well as ABTA and the BBC consumer programme. I'll give you another Ulster/Scots word to describe my attitude. It is THRAN. 🙂
  10. Well over a week has passed and despite emails to 4 different departments within the Travel Agency they have yet to inform me that my October cruise has been cancelled. This is the same company who could find time to chase me for a balance 48 hrs beforehand. This is the same TA who have now again started sending emails of great offers for cruises that will probably never take place. I have since booked another holiday with a more reliable travel agency. Once I get my refund this unreliable shower will be added to my spam list. Oh how I wish I could name and shame this crowd who cannot be bothered answering emails
  11. I don't see that being an issue as I did not request a chargeback until THEY cancelled the cruise
  12. Update Received the following standard response from Azamara Thank you for contacting Azamara. We are deeply sorry for the delay in our reply and hope this email finds you in good health.I have reviewed your reservation and see your have requested the refund online. This is dated 05AUG20. Please contact your travel agent so they are aware of your request.The refund will be completed in 45 days to the original form of payment. We appreciate your patience while this is being completed. The Travel Agent is yet to respond and indeed has not even contacted me to tell me my Cruise has been cancelled. I have emailed 4 different departments within the Travel Agents and not 1 has even acknowledged. Quick enough to chase for the Balance though. Still waiting on update from Bank.
  13. The card has not paid me yet. I am hopeful that they will at least freeze the charges.
  14. It seems that they are deliberately delaying cancellations in order to get more money in to pay refunds . A real case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  15. Getting the TA to actually answer their emails or telephones is a problem. I thought it was the law in the UK that refunds must be paid within a fortnight no matter about Covid
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