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  1. I have never been obsessed with the cruising lifestyle, so I won’t miss cruising..other kinds of leisure travel for me. 😁 Do you think this Covid-19 pandemic is a way of “thinning the herd”, either through natural selection, or if you are religious, is God’s/Jehovah/Mohammed, plan? Safe travels however that might be.🙏
  2. If no cruise line or government restrictions in the UK for a Fit to Travel certification is required, then go on the cruise. What is the worse thing that could happen to you? Especially if you accept liability if , God forbid, something does happen to you or your wife on the cruise. Carry more medication that you need just in case you are quarantined. At least 28 days worth? Enjoy your cruise and safe travels.
  3. Has Viking implemented Fit to Cruise policy where passengers need a signed Fit to Cruise certification from their doctor?
  4. If it were me, I would take the money and run. Real money, a sure thing. Not Future Cruise credit vouchers, not knowing what the future holds for Viking. FWIW, I am risk adverse. YMMV. Risk versus potential reward. Good luck whatever you decide. Safe travels.
  5. So Viking river cruises are exempt from the ban? Enjoy your cruise.
  6. Wouldn’t that make FCC basically worthless if you are no longer able to cruise, or you cannot find a suitable itinerary? Or you decide not to cruise in the future /deadline to use FCC? Or the cruise line either drastically reduces the number of sailings, or the cruise line goes bankrupt? Isn’t FCC just a clever way for cruise lines to keep customers on the hook to continue cruising with them?
  7. Agree with you. For the time being, at least until a vaccine is developed, tested, and safe for the public. Especially since you are in a high risk group. Your age, plus underlying health issue, diabetes. I would heed the warnings from CDC, NIH/Dr. Fauci, and U.S. State Department. And especially to avoid cruises. Plus if implemented, your Dr. cannot sign off on the Fit to Travel certificate. FCC advantage to the cruise lines for obvious reasons. When it is more safe, you may be able to cruise again in the future. Good luck, and safe travels (just no cruises for now).🙏🙏
  8. It is the beginning of the end. Oy Vey🙏 Where will ships be able to dock?
  9. Check with your Dr. and see what he recommends. Good luck, and safe travels.
  10. Don’t they have to test negative of Covid-19 3 times in a row before are released from hospital and can go home? Have they both met that requirement?
  11. Depends. Are you or anyone in your group “high risk “ according to CDC, U.S. State Department, NIH/Dr. Fauci? (See their websites) If your answer is no, you are good to go. FCC should be the least of your concern. Health is. Risk versus reward. Enjoy your cruise. Safe travels.
  12. Good for you! Nave try for an upgrade to a penthouse suite?.🙂 Maybe by the time you cruise, the Covid-19 will slow down. Enjoy your cruise, and safe travels.
  13. Question: Would you sail on the Diamond Princess once it has it's cleaning, and returns to service? Or, will there always be a lingering doubt in your mind, that no matter what Princess says or do with cleaning the Diamond, it will still be an Covid-19 infested cruise ship? Maybe, Princess will rename the Diamond, avoiding the stigma of being the “quarantine ship”. Or, Princess sells the ship to another cruise line? For me, it is risk versus reward to cruise. Cruise vacations for me is non-essential travel. I follow the science, and it is telling me to avoid cruisin
  14. So, is everyone at the Captains party practicing social distancing? Hand shaking?
  15. Most likely you will be fine. Not 60+, no underlying health issues like HBP, diabetes, heart, lung, kidney or lung disease. No compromised immune system. Enjoy your cruise. Safe travels.👍
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