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  1. I have an Alaska sailing this June from Vancouver. I see the Canada has now announced no Cruise Lines will be allowed into Canadian ports until July. Cunard has still not cancelled my trip. Any idea when they will begin to cancel?
  2. Just booking a Christmas sailing on QM2. First time booking Princess Grill. Anyone have any tips on their preferred cabin to book? I've never been on the ship so very little knowledge. P1 or P2 category. They aren't very far apart in price. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have any recent pictures of the Britannia Club on QE? I couldn’t really find any recent ones. I’ve been offered an upgrade for $1300 on a 10 night Cruise. Trying to decide if it’s good value. Thanks
  4. The American in me would feel the need to tip every time food was delivered. Is this common or expected?
  5. Thanks for this analysis. I have been debating. The cost of Princess/Queens Grill for a 7 day Trip is the same cost as Britannia Balcony on my 21 day trip and I was trying to decide if the upgrade was worth that much.
  6. Just booked a 21 night Cruise on the QM2 in a Balcony Cabin. It was an additional $6,000 for Club Balcony and an additional $14,000 for Princess Grill. Think I'll stick with Britannia Balcony and save that money for another sailing 🙂
  7. May I ask why you don't want to be on Deck 8? I was just moved to a cabin on Deck 8 in the aft block of balconies near the Queens Grill suites.
  8. $8000 for two of us in one cabin/$4000 each premium.
  9. Greetings, I know this topic is very subjective. I am simply curious as to each persons view of at what point a Grills upgrade becomes a reasonable upgrade cost? I've never travelled in Grills so have no experience to draw from. For example: I am doing two sailings on Cunard in the next two years. One of those sailings is 10 nights and one is 14 nights. Both sailings are in Balcony Cabins. I was interested in paying for the upgrade to Princess Grill for the 14 night sailing but the premium to move to Princess Grill was $8,000 more or $572 more per day (on top of the hefty price I a
  10. In my mind on the QM2 the Sheltered Balconies are the BEST rooms if you enjoy the Ocean. The Glass Fronted on the higher decks are set back behind the deck and so if you look down you'll be looking down at decks. The sheltered balconies give you straight views of the ocean below. Id' be highly annoyed if I was moved from a Sheltered to a Glass Front on the QM2 unless it was a Grill upgrade. I don't even think I'd particularly want a Club room upgrade. We all have our preferences I suppose.
  11. I originally had a choice of a Deck 8 glass fronted Cabin or a Deck 4 forward metal fronted balcony on QE. I opted for the Deck 4 metal front because the balconies are larger and I thought it would be a nice to use the extra space to sit and have a light breakfast or drink and watch the world sail by.
  12. I'm working on it with my Travel Agent. I feel badly about turning down an "upgrade" because I understand that the BB category is considered an upgrade for some reason, but I enjoy looking down at the waves passing by and I don't much fancy looking down at the orange life rafts.
  13. Its all very frustrating.
  14. Thats what happened in my case.
  15. I did. They said it has been sold and those rooms are all gone. I'm technically in a higher category but a less desirable room in my opinion. Rather unhappy with the change.
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