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  1. I've seen some beautiful pics of a lake called Melisani - it is located on Kefalonia, right? Any feedback from the frequenters? Is it worth buying a guided tour there?
  2. Public transportation on strike can cause huge problems, it's true. I have seen it a couple of times in Germany where I was about to miss my flight to the US and once in Barcelona airport, a security check took 3 hrs!!!
  3. You are right, forewarned is forearmed 🙂 If you say that Italy requires it as well, they I need it for sure.
  4. But if you don't have a car - how flexible you are in terms of travelling around? I mean like going to a small village nearby for a dinner? Does Uber work?
  5. I wonder if this company ever appeared on this forum, does not seem to be a competition to the well-known players like Alla tours, Anastasia, Best Guides, Red Sun etc. But they do have some cool things on their blog, look at this https://pradiz.com/blog/most-bizarre-gifts-from-russia/ 😂😂😂 LMAO
  6. OMG. Thanks guys, you managed to convince me against this idea 😁. Tough arguments. And in addition international driving licence, something I never thought about. I have rented cars many times especially in Italy nobody ever asked for this. But who knows, might have changed too.
  7. Having a car is important, I guess. We also plan to rent one for the trip. Driving around is such a pleasure in Southern Europe, I've done a number of times in Italy and France, I expect same from our Greek trip!
  8. Hi everyone! Question to those who've been: do you agree with this list? https://pradiz.com/blog/5-dos-donts-st-petersburg/ Anything you would like to add? 🙂 Never heard about this tour company, not sure it was ever mentioned here, but their website looks cool and this particular blog inspires me to make best of the best out of our private tour 🙂
  9. I used to fly in to Sweden on a regular basis several years in a row and I loved the fact I never had to buy cash. All restaurants offered an option to leave tips with credit card, bus/subway tickets - everything could be purchased with no cash at hand. However we had one occasion when we used euros in a shoe store. My wife found a pair of heel sandals she fell in love with 🙂 while walking along Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm and discovered she forgot her wallet in the hotel but fortunately she had some euros in her passport and the shop assistant said there was no need to go and change! None of our Swedish friends believed it was true!
  10. Thank you! Sounds simply perfect - less people but still good weather. This is exactly what we are looking for
  11. Thank you! I would assume we could spend around two weeks in total or a little less, so if you say combining Kefalonia and Zakynthos works well, definitely could be an option.
  12. Hi Iancal, so first half of October should be fine, right? I had a fear it could be already a little chilly for swimming and sunbathing. On the other hand I would prefer October as it seems to be way less crowded, but if there is a big chance for rains and winds it does not make much sense.
  13. Thanks a lot for your detailed reply! What I am trying to do right now is to get a list of top 5-7 Greek Islands for a family summer holiday. No exact dates so far, no exact plan, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. Our wish list is not too special - we would enjoy a cosy beach, good food, maybe some interesting places to visit (ancient town? Greece has an amazing culture and history). We would definitely like to avoid tourist crowds, so a small village is probably the best option.
  14. In Scandinavia English is almost as common as their native languages, same applies to Netherlands. Everyone speaks English, so no need to worry at all, just go ahead!
  15. Thanks Bennybear, I am truly impressed with the variety Greek tourism actually can offer! I was not so much in the topic until several friends told me they enjoyed Greek vacations more than the ones in France or Italy. It is of course very individual and Italy is just great in my point of view, but I did start to look deeper at what is available in Greece. Have you been to Corfu, Zakynthos and Halkidiki? Would highly appreciate your feedback on these too
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