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  1. What a shame. This is NOT a policy we expect in a situation on uncertainty we are currently experiencing. I hope your situation was resolved but even if you finally managed to get a refund I can imagine it cost you some time. Enough to blacklist a company acting like this.
  2. Not the first time I see posts on this forum about tipping - to tip or not to tip :). I personally think the European model is much better than the one we are used to in the US, it always gives you a choice - if you like the service, you can always give some extra coins, but this is not a must. I have been to Italy not just once, and I have never noticed anyone got insulted when I left 1-2 euros extra for a dinner, but on the other hand it was always clear they never made a big deal of it, I am pretty sure the service would have been same even if I just 'd paid my bill and that's it.
  3. Agree, to enjoy Rome you need to be IN Rome. A taxi from the city center to Fiumicino should take around 30 min.
  4. Took a look at the hotel page. Looks great indeed, but from the price point is a little over my budget . But if I could afford it I would not hesitate a second!
  5. A Superior Double seems to be an ideal choice and if it has a balcony I think I could relocate there for ever :)
  6. What a lovely blog, brought me back memories of my Italian wine-tasting tours, Tuscany is unforgettable!
  7. Yes, true, when was it? 2016? 2017? Very sad, such a picturesque area, all these small villages, I wonder if they ever managed to recover
  8. Thanks for a comprehensive reply, Napoxoguk, good to hear these companies are compensated by the state. I was not really sure about Russian social security system, if it is good enough to support local businesses. If this is the case then you are right - even if some of the players go away, the most reputable and reliable should be able to survive. And yes, every problem can become an opportunity, and developing domestic tourism can be treated as an extra benefit.
  9. My sister-in-law highly recommended Hotel Grande Bretagne. Quite pricey but as they were there on low season it was still affordable.
  10. Thanks, googled it now, looks horrible 😪
  11. This is my guess too, unfortunately. I did not want to ask directly, I understand it might be quite sensitive for them, but from what I heard I got the same impression, and it is very sad. I am not an expert but I feel these people are really passionate about what they do.
  12. Thanks Iancal, I already checked locally and found out to my big surprise it was much easier than I thought. Worth doing it anyway, even if it is "just in case".
  13. Oh really? I didn't know. Was it this year? Fiskardo was also on my wish list.
  14. We do hope we can make our Baltic cruise next summer but have decided to put all bookings on hold until Feb-March. Right now it is very hard to predict if life will be back to normal by that time. Such an unfortunate situation for the tour companies! I try to review the websites regularly, to see if they are still alive, a it is quite obvious that cruise groups formed a significant share of their business. We try to stay in touch with the managers at Best Guides where we planned to book our private tour, and they still sound quite optimistic and full of new ideas, but I wonder if their
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