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  1. That was my thought exactly. Unless there's a vaccine, 2020 doesn't look all that promising.
  2. Why? Many of those people have been cruising for many years now & wish to express their feelings. Myself, I doubt if we'll even be cruising in 2021 unless they find a vaccine or the virus dissipates itself on it's own. Which I seriously doubt. Being on a ship wearing a mask & having to distance one's self from everyone doesn't sound like much fun.
  3. Since it's going to be a long, long time before we sail again I gave it a pass. Even if it wasn't a virus things will change numerous times before they're sailing once again.
  4. I think I'll wait until they retrofit all the Princess ships with better filters & they develop a vaccine.
  5. Some folks seem to take dressing up to heart but why they want other folks to follow their lead is puzzling. Dress up for the enjoyment of others if you like or simply dress casual & sit by yourselves at a table for 2 and it shouldn't bother anyone else.
  6. Perhaps when they begin to pay US taxes they might consider it in the future but for now I can't see them doing so.
  7. It's possible that that person contracted the virus after they left the ship.
  8. My appointment is a few weeks off yet. Who knows, maybe Princess will even come out with their version before then. My doctor is very liberal so perhaps he'll have a different view of the version they posted right now.
  9. That very well could be the case but I see a possible decrease in people willing to book cruises just after this virus incident. The cruise lines will be happy just to see people willing to return to sailing once again. I suspect most of the people on Cruise Critic aren't an example of the typical cruiser since most of them seem to be dedicated lifelong cruisers. People cruise for different reasons and having a decent meal to some doesn't mean having to dress up for it. I doubt if it's done to annoy anyone. Actually the crew who work on the ship
  10. We sailed Regency and they had many so problems with their crew and ships I can understand why they disappeared. CCL is a completely different story.
  11. We've also found this to be true on a few of the ships in the last few years. I would expect things to get more casual in the future once cruising begins again. I doubt they'll want to irritate any of their customers going forward about how they choose to dress.
  12. I'll be visiting my doctor within the next few weeks & I'll bring a copy for him to sign even though it doesn't apply to Princess at this point in time. Just to see his reaction to the form.
  13. Hopefully the situation will have turned around by the fall season.
  14. I was thinking the same thing but I can't really imagine that it would take away that much revenue.
  15. I had the same experience. It's vague at best for location. Our door would lock immediately. If you wanted to go back in you had to walk down the hallway 20 feet & return to have it open again. That problem hasn't changed. It seems to be common on all the ships. They don't seem to think it's a security problem.... at least until someone gets their cabin broken into & a lawsuit follows.
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