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  1. People in their 50s through 70s are considered the "younger" crowd? My husband and I are both 70 and I can't remember anyone ever considering us the younger crowd! On our 2019 Baltic tour on the Marina the main entertainment show was a 50s sock hop. Perhaps people who were beebopping in 1955 are still cruising? On the evening when they did show tunes there were no songs more recent than 1982. I know that entertainment isn't Oceania's strong suit. But we were in Scandinavia. I don't think doing a bit of ABBA would have shocked any sensibilities.
  2. We are book on this cruise. It has been on the options for a long long time. I doubt that this will go due to Covid restrictions and the unavailability of Canadian ports on the schedule. We haven't heard anything from O regarding cancellations at this time.
  3. There is an interesting reference to NCL repositioning ships to the North America in this new article: https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/more-cruise-ships-poised-to-resume-service?fbclid=IwAR1qECF-3rSUCmH44cr3omCOy5pSbdoX6nfLpYL1AY8ycCCwOyLgz3Qz4JM
  4. This is an interesting article from the Times of India regarding the Norwegian Escape picking up crew in India. There is also reference to future sailings of the Norwegian Joy to pick up and transfer additional crew. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/norwegian-escape-picks-up-goan-seafarers-for-cruise-ops/articleshow/79345383.cms
  5. We are booked on the May 28th Regatta repositioning SF to Vancouver Alaska cruise. I have been optimistic that by then most of the Covid related issues will be behind us. Hope always springs eternal.
  6. We have just booked a PH suite for Alaska in May 2021. We are booked in 8019 which is a connecting room. I'm concerned about how the connecting door will interfere with the furniture layout. For PH suites with connecting doors do they downsize furniture or eliminate furniture? For example do they switch out the sofa for easy chair? It seems that they have to put the door somewhere and as such something will have to go! Advice from anyone with experience with these rooms is greatly appreciated.
  7. You may want to wait until Oceania cancels. When they canceled our May 1 cruise that was paid in full, they offered us a full refund or a 125% credit on a future cruise. We chose the full refund but it was before NCL received outside funding. Had we known that the additional liquidity was going to be available we may have decided differently.
  8. Here in the San Francisco Bay area as in other places, we are in "shelter at home" status. Because of early identification of the virus in our area this is our second week under this sequestration. As elsewhere, people are making the best of it, helping each other. Many are using meal delivery services like DoorDash and GrubHub to help keep our local restaurants in business. Critical retail business like grocery and pharmacy stores remain open. And, all have early hour shopping dedicated for shoppers who are 65+ or health compromised. In many ways all of this has brought out the best in peop
  9. We are also booked on this cruise. IMHO there is no possible way this cruise will happen. The Bay Area is under a shelter in place advisory for the next month. Stores with the exception of grocery, pharmacies and hardware are closed, restaurants have converted to take-out only. People are working from home. The Jones Act will prevent moving disembarkation from Vancouver to Seattle. It is just a matter of time before O cancels this cruise. Disappointing, but we'll just have to roll with it.
  10. I agree totally. I think Seattle will be very careful and avoid cruise dockings until all of this is well behind us.
  11. Even if they did, what US city would be the substitute for Vancouver? Seattle? San Francisco? Hard to believe with all the cases in Washington state and California that either state would open their arms to cruise ships any time soon. We'll need to ride this out, let the situation take its course and rebook when all of this is behind us. This is disappointing, but it is only a delay. Alaska will still be there when this is over.
  12. We are on the May 2 Regatta Alaska repositioning SF to VAN. We are waiting to see if they cancel the cruise. It is a very difficult situation all around. We are sure that Oceania will do the right thing.
  13. We took a cab in Copenhagen to the city center when we disembarked. Uber and cabs are available in Stockholm. And, the port in Stockholm was on the Hop on Hop off tour when we were there in July.
  14. The Regatta has 2 specialty restaurants, Polo Grill and Toscana. I believe that the Sirena is the only "R" ship with Red Ginger and Tuscan Grill.
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