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  1. We do not accommodate rate changes after the contract is signed. Doesn't mean people don't demand it, though. This is the same kind of situation, and it has me SMH.
  2. From my experience working in customer service and auto/RV financing... yes, yes they would.
  3. If they follow what NCL is doing, they may turn around to have people disembark as soon as possible 😔 how devastating would that be??
  4. Well. Fully expecting my May 9th on SOS out of Miami to be cancelled now. I know it's nothing in the grand scheme of things, but trying to wrap my head around losing this event my family has been planning for so long is hard. Just trying to prepare for the inevitable I guess 😕
  5. I would, but my husband is afraid of heights and doesn't want an ocean view 😔
  6. Alright... So I was actually on the phone with an RCI rep for a different matter, and mentioned static cling stickers - she said it was totally fine! I didn't say that I wanted to cover the entire door, but I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens 🙂. 59 days to go!
  7. Ah, really? ☹️ I was thinking it's about the same as having stateroom door decorations and they wouldn't mind. But then there's no light coming in 💔
  8. Alright, this may be a little silly but bear with me here. We have a central park balcony booked for our upcoming week-long cruise on SOS. One of the biggest complaints I always see about these rooms is that people in central park and across the way can look into your room. Has anyone ever seen/heard of anyone bringing some static-cling privacy film with them? I have some installed in my apartment (see pic) and we love it - it lets the light in, and I can keep the shades up without worrying about people peeking into our space. No glue, so no damage to the windows or clean up, and it's cheap-ish. I can snag a roll of 35"x78" cling for $20 or less. Considering buying some for the cruise, but wanted to hear if anyone had any thoughts first. Also, does anyone know the dimensions of the doors leading to the balcony? Since it's an extremely temporary measure, I'm thinking even if I just cut the roll in half and install it on the middle portions of the doors it would offer enough privacy.
  9. So I knew right away when we booked in October that the cabanas were out of our price range... However we still wanted to do the beach club itself. On 2/14 we booked it for $79/pp for our May sailing, after previously booking at $93/pp and I've been watching for it to go down. They are now selling it for $199 per person! I had no idea prices on Coco were so arbitrary 😳 glad we got it when we did.
  10. No plans to cancel ourselves - Husband and I are relatively healthy in our late twenties. We're supposed to sail with Symphony out of Miami on May 9th for our 10th anniversary (5/9) & my mother in law's 60th birthday (5/7). Am slightly worried as everyone we're traveling with is 60+, so some of them may opt not to go. However, if RC does end up canceling the cruise it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. It would definitely be a bummer, but we'd get our money back so 🤷‍♀️. As it is right now, we'll be packing our work laptops with us just in case we get quarantined. The extra time spent away from my puppy would be ridiculously hard, but otherwise it wouldn't impact us too much -- we already live in a shoebox and the stateroom is not that much smaller!! LOL
  11. My cards came in today, after ordering Monday afternoon (pretty fast!). Since I booked a train to port package, I did not get to book all the way through using a code - however, I trialed using BLFRIEND to get two SMART tickets for the price of one, and the payment screen did let me apply the credit from the gift cards before I backed out to book my actual package. The giftcards get added to your account in your dashboard, issued as Brightline Credits, which appears to be able to be applied to any booking same as cash.
  12. DH making fun of me because I went and put makeup on and got dressed just for this photo 😂
  13. Oh crap, guess I better retake mine to make it look cute then 😅
  14. I of course have no evidence this is due to CV, but I'm going on a 7 day carribean with RCI in May. When we booked in November the central park balcony we wanted was $3620.16 out the door for double occupancy. Then when we checked the first week in February, just before final payment, our price had dropped to $2401!!! We've never cruised before so I have no idea if that's normal, but it about knocked me off my feet.
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