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  1. I'd like a battery-operated light to use in the cabin's bathroom on our future cruises. What have you tried and like? I think I read some of you have battery-operated tea lights. Do they have switches? Do you leave them on 24 hours or just turn them on before you go to bed? Anything else I should take into consideration? I'm buying travel supplies now while I'm thinking about it. Thank you! Another thought on those luggage tags with the metal straps... In addition to using them as we board the ship, we also use them when we put the luggage outside the room the last night to be taken off the ship. Works out very well.
  2. The practical part: Husband and I bring two travel coffee mugs. First one awake goes to get coffee and bring it back to the room. We find this less intrusive to the person who is still sleeping than getting a phone call from room service before they bring an order up, and it's much simpler to walk back across the length of the ship navigating stairs or elevators and the room door handle with closed up travel mugs than the coffee mugs supplied on the ship. The silly part: we never use these two travel mugs on land. They are only ever our cruise mugs. We're odd, though, so.... 🙂
  3. Thank you. Even before I was reading this thread, we had planned for the Harmony cruise to be our last cruise on Royal for quite a while. I really want it to be a good one.
  4. Oh, this worries me. Husband and I are booked on our first Oasis-class cruise next January, but it's on Harmony.
  5. It was normal for me to check the current time after Mass when I was attending on my lunch break. It helped ensure I would arrive back at place of employment on time.
  6. Late 1990s, cathedral in Orlando, FL, 12:05pm weekday Mass, 16 minutes. I couldn't believe it.
  7. That sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck getting your husband's employer to agree to an arrangement that lets you take the 44 day version!
  8. Thank you. Finding a travel agent is my next project now that we're back from three recent short road trips (only one of which was to a cruise <sad trombone> 🙂 ). I'm looking for somebody who sells a lot of world cruises on the line we're considering who also won't mind booking the little 7-night cruises in the meantime. I've done a bit of research and have a few of them on my list to call.
  9. Thanks, Wendy. People in my family tend to die on the younger side (60s, 50s, and sometimes 40s), so I try to keep that in mind when planning things. Will you be blogging during your cruise? I'd be interested in following you. We don't live near Tampa, but Tampa is closer to our home than Fort Lauderdale is, and we can drive there in a day. We've driven to Fort Lauderdale once for a cruise, and we didn't like traveling that distance for a short cruise. Of course it'd be a completely different scenario if we were taking a cruise several weeks or months long; that would completely be worth driving two days for.
  10. Thanks, Wendy. All of this is great advice. We each only have one parent left, and we've already discussed the need to think about how to handle it if something happened while we were away. We no longer have pets and have decided not to adopt any more even though we loved them. I'm the CFO of our house 🙂 and I already have all the bills that don't require real money to be moved on auto pay. What do I mean? I mean things like the electric bill and the natural gas bill, etc, are set to automatically be paid on a credit card every month. However, I haven't yet relinquished control of moving the actual money. When it's time to pay the credit card bills (in full every month), I pay those manually. Still online, but manually. I'll be thinking about this as and other options for it the years between now and the potential world cruise go by. We are lucky to have several neighbors who are good friends, so I'm sure we can work out something for watching the house. We hired one neighbor to maintain our lawn, so that would continue just like we were here except I'd prepay him. We've got a little road trip coming up over the next several days, but once we're back from that I'm going to work on finding a travel agent and getting him/her ready to pounce on a Holland America 5 night cruise out of Tampa if they publish one for late 2021 the way they have for late 2020. It's the only thing that will fit into our schedule and budget to introduce us to that cruise line before the 2nd half of 2022. After that a lot of opportunities open up since my husband is planning to be retired by then. I just refuse to book anything that requires him to be retired until he is actually retired. So for now we're thinking of taking a 7 night Alaska cruise in July or Aug 2022, because if he decides to keep working he can just use vacation time for that. Then potentially longer cruises in 2023 and 2024. The first year that seems feasible for a world cruise would be 2025-ish, but that's all subject to change. Could be 2024 or 2023 depending on how we're feeling about things closer to those dates. Either way, it's fun to start dreaming about it all now.
  11. Yes, all Holland America ships have a priest on board all year round. It's the only line I know of that does that. Some lines have a Catholic priest on board during Christmas / Lent / Easter, but not for other times of the year. For those of you who have been on WCs, especially HAL but also others, in your experience are there a fair number of folks doing only one segment, or does most everybody do the whole cruise? [Still trying to train my brain to read "WC" as "World Cruise" and not "water closet." 🙂 ]
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