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  1. We didn't use it, but I believe the couch pulls out into a full sized bed. When it is pulled out the room will be VERY crowded.
  2. She may be the mayor but they're so close lately they could be one and the same. After all, the governor thinks that her city is the only thing that matters in IL
  3. My neighbors keep making a lot of ruckus at 2 am or later...pretty sure it's some college boys. Then, for some reason, they seem to think I'm their waitstaff. Not sure why they're spending the entirety of this cruise below deck either - they now claim sunlight is "bright".
  4. @nbsjcruiser Actually we are supposed to peak in mid to early April (at least here near Chicago) so hopefully May will be better.
  5. Looks like mine came about 5 days after our cruise ended.
  6. The e-mail I have from last year is from Our Cruise Photos <no-reply@ourcruisephotos.com> with a topic of Your Cruise Photos From Independence Of The Seas
  7. Will be cruising on Symphony OTS and wondering what options are available. I've seen the package list but it only lists one Mezcal and I was hoping there were others.
  8. Playmakers and Portside BBQ have a credit (I believe $35) per person per visit.
  9. @Bearsfan82 you can take it even further and subtract the difference between the refreshment pkg and the alcohol pkg and I think it's like 3 drinks and 4 beers a day. Most people do drink bottled water and sodas also.
  10. They automatically scan when you get it positioned correctly. Sometimes it's easier than others. If it doesn't seem to be working back out of it and start over (worked for me).
  11. @b_cruise the royal site is a mess and google seems to always come through for me
  12. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/beverage-package-cancellation-policy Simple google
  13. If you think getting yourself the deluxe pkg and her the refreshment pkg will work out better you can cancel the packages you purchased and be refunded that amount. Then call and they will allow you to purchase the deluxe pkg for yourself and her the refreshment pkg (you don't even really have to explain they don't seem to care). I'm fairly certain the zip line is separate but I've never done either so not entirely sure.
  14. Yes, Wonderland can make all of you specialty dining reservations not just at Wonderland. Not sure about cash limit but if your wife would use the refreshment package (mocktails, soda, coffee, and water) you can buy the deluxe and she can get the refreshment but you must call to do that.
  15. Near the spa, I believe it's Vitality cafe.
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