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  1. State Street in Madison, spent many paper route dollars at the shoppe.
  2. Neither in Florida, just a common love-bug shield it's that time of year again!
  3. Saw our neighbors' 4 kids lined up in the front yard, all in a row. I called over and asked what they were doing, FIRE DRILL. But that didn't explain why the doors were locked......
  4. This last line is the kicker, leaves it all open to interpretation and fluid changes.
  5. FWIW, my travel agent just called, advised no cash refund, just FCC. Not sure how accurate that might be, this is so fluid. Typo, sorry
  6. I'd guess cabin assignments are automatic computer generated, and the cancellations are manual and backed up. Only a guess
  7. Our cruise is April 18 on the Indy, nothing shows in app for reserving except excursions. All dining and entertainment says book on board. Our first time cruising with the app, last time we went was 4 years ago.
  8. It isn't just selling out to charters, years ago our cruise was cancelled because the ship was being move to NOLA for Hurricane Katrina housing. Stuff happens, instead of sailing from Galveston, we sailed from Miami on a different ship. Still had fun.
  9. Agree with ABG, too many things can go wrong, allow plenty of time. Driving around FLL area is painful at times. For us earlier on the ship means more time to 'break even' with our drink package, and our cares go away! I'd try to get on board earlier and explore ship with daughter, instead of feeling rushed. My 2 cents
  10. Does this app onboard require VOOM access, or is it free for limited purposes like the Cruise Compass?
  11. We went to Packer vs Jax Jags couple years ago, it was 110 degrees on the field, seemed just as hot in the stands. They ran out of bottled water on visitor side of field, EMT's came as too many were passing out from the heat.
  12. Clearly they had no clue about Wisconsin fans if they ran out of Brandy. Once you leave the state and ask for a Brandy Old Fashioned you get offered cognac outside of the midwest. No one prepped hotel staff on what to stock up on obviously!
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