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  1. SHIP NAME Reflection CABIN # 1241 DECK # (3-14) 10 CATEGORY: 7-12, 1A-1C, 2A-2D, A1-A2, C1-C3, CS, FV, PS, RF, RS, S1-S2, SG, SV RS LOCATION ON SHIP: Port (left), Starboard (right), Bow (front), Stern (back) or Inside and Forward, Midship (between the forward and aft elevators), or Aft (For example: Port-Midship, Bow-Forward or Inside-Aft) Port Aft BED NEAR (Bath, Balcony, Window, N/A) Window QUIET? (Yes/No/Usually) Yes BALCONY VIEW (Good, Great, Obstructed?) Great BALCONY SIZE (Standard, Oversized, Other) Oversized WIND A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) No SOOT A PROBLEM? (Yes/No/Sometimes) No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS (Explain all Noise (including crew door issues), Wind and Soot Problems here, plus all comments and information regarding things like connecting or accessible cabins) No issues except do not open the cabin door while the balcony door is open or you will experience a wind tunnel. The suite includes a dining table with seating for 6, a full size living room with couch, loveseat and oversized chair. There is a full length wet bar with plenty of glassware and tons of closet storage throughout. The bedroom has an ocean view with balcony access from the living room only. The bathroom features a large shower, separate bathtub and double sinks with plenty of storage as well. Excellent cabin! PICTURES (Attach pictures in your review) 3/2/20 Sailing, Not revolutionized yet. DATE OF CRUISE AND "REVOLUTION" COMMENTS
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