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  1. Thanks for all the responses. We are on Sirena departing today (Dec 7) and will see a reservation host ASAP. Will not bribe anyone as suggested. If the staff is accommodating, we will reward them at the end of the cruise, as is customary. -OP
  2. We are sailing today and due to procrastination or forgetfulness, we never booked our specialty restaurants. What do we do? Should I meet with a Maitre D as soon as we board? I read that some people book all of their specialties and then attempt to get extras! All we want is maybe 1 or 2 nights out of our 7 day cruise. Does having 3 Oceania's in our past help at all? Or should it be old school and tip the Maitre D for putting us in? Any advice would be GREAT! Thanks!
  3. The Red sort of reminded me of a Bordello. Yikes!
  4. AWESOME! We will be on Sirena for the 2nd time this December.
  5. We just booked for a December Pacific Coastal on Sirena and CANNOT wait! The travel agent said they poured $25 million into the refurbishment. Just curious what is new...we sailed her a couple years ago.
  6. This would be devastating. Do any of you know how serious she is? This would (I assume) include Carnival, Princess, Holland america, etc. as the violation was a Caribbean Princess Ship and the judge is saying Carnival (aka the parent company) Any feedback from you smart cruise fanatics out there? https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/judge-threatens-to-bar-carnival-cruise-ships-from-u-s-ports
  7. We found a fairly good deal on a Neptune Suite early this season to Alaska. We have stayed in Signature Suites before. What are all of the perks for getting a Neptune suite? It's about $500 pp more than a Signature Suite from my research on our cruise. For those that book Neptune's, is the higher cost worth it? Any input to this discussion is highly appreciated!
  8. Thanks for all the WELL CRAFTED responses. I now know all I need to know. My favorite cruise line is Crystal BTW, because it is simply no hassle. We have cruised several lines, but there is a reason why Crystal gets all of the rewards. So looking forward to a great Cruise. Thanks again! - Curtis
  9. We just booked Serenity for a California Coastal Cruise out of San Pedro. It's been a while since we cruised Crystal. What do I need to know about reservations for dinner? I do understand Serenity is quite changed as of her dry dock earlier this year. We like to eat early, will that be a problem? Any other tips will be appreciated. - Curtis
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