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  1. Hello. I have 80 sailings on Carnival, but zero on RCL. I'm looking at an RCL cruise this spring on the Independence. I recently read on here that it had the night club removed during the retrofit, and it was likely because 'nobody was ever in it.' I also read that finding space in any of the bars and lounges is difficult, even more so after the retrofit and removal of amenities in favor of more cabins. Can anyone give some feedback on this? Also, 'the nightclub was always empty' does not sound good. I'm used to ship passengers staying up until 2-4 AM, half in the casino and bar, and half in the club. What is the crowd like on Independence 4 or 5 day? Is it all couples and/or people that go to bed by 10? Or will there be a party crowd? Thanks to any who respond. Your input is appreciated.
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