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  1. That sounds horrible. And I think you’re right to advise caution but I think it’s important to stand up for other people when you can do so safely💗
  2. I've worked in hospitality for almost seven years now and let me tell you something. There is NOTHING worse than having to leave home, leave your family go to work just to be treated lesser by someone who is upset because their vacation isn't "perfect". If I'm out and I see servers, waitresses, whoever being treated wrongly by the people they are there to help I stand up for them as often as I can. Just please please for God's sake be kind. It doesn't take that much effort, and its so much more refreshing than being rude.
  3. I ALWAYS get new outfits 😂 It's the best part of cruising (lets be serious it's the best part of life). This year I didn't go crazy, just two new dresses for myself and two new button up shirts and a pair of linen pants for my bf.
  4. HOLY CRAP! That sounds amazing where do you get this from?
  5. Hi all! Last time I sailed on NCL they had a “deal” on the bottled water package if you purchased it on board on embarkation day. Is this the same deal if you purchase the package in advance? Does anyone know if there is a discount if you purchase the package on board. Thanks 🛳🎉
  6. My TA didn’t send me the upgrade info, Norwegian did. Its an older ship- the Norwegian Sun so I think you’re right I should probably just stick in my balcony
  7. Hi everyone! I know I have an endless stream of questions but y’all are just so helpful 💗 My boyfriend and I are going on a five day cruise and we’ve been offered to upgrade from our Balcony (BB) to a mini-suite the upgrade starts at $25 pp. I’d like to put in a offer thats likely to get accepted (and obviously as low as possible). Also I booked with a TA, am I required to ask her for help upgrading our room. TBH I’d rather avoid asking her anymore questions as she already booked this for us and is a work-associate. Thank you 😊
  8. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking...because isn't "standard" breakfast is on the regular room service menu
  9. How do I know if the port is tendered or docked. We are stopping at Key West and Cozumel Mexico.
  10. Hello, Has anyone purchased the Norwegian Priority Access for their cruise and if so did they find it was worth the value. We're taking a 5 day cruise so priority access is offered to us at $99. For me I think it might be worth it because we booked 3rd party excursions and I would hate to miss them because we're waiting to get off the ship and tender priority is offered with the "priority access" package. Here is what NCL lists the advantages of the package are: Priority Check-In and Boarding Tender Priority When Applicable (Off the Ship) Priority Debarkation (Homeport) Daily Complimentary Standard Room Service Breakfast $50 Spa Discount per person (Port Days Only) Complimentary Canapés (Second Day of Cruise) My main question is has anyone taken advantage of this package and do you feel the value is worth the price? Thanks!
  11. Sorry I didn't look at the date it was posted! That is absolutely fantastic to know you're doing better, I hope I live to see the day where scientists are able to come up with a cure for all cancers.
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